Aaaaahhhhhhhh………..why is there not coffee at my bedside. How am I suppose to do summer (well or winter/fall/spring) without it. I need it  as an iv set up. That would be the best way.


Anyhow my weekend plans got messed up, now I am off to Sask, staying miles from a store, expecting to entertain the kids while my husband spends all day in the tractor. Holy Cow I just thought of a great idea, I should offer to switch and I drive the tractor. Woohoo!!!










Summer Holidays

Wow, second day of school’s out for summer and I am wondering how I will last. 12 scream to-day, and it was not mine!!!!


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Ha, ha, ha

I saw Ironic Mom’s blog on lunches or perhaps it should have said Confessions of Lunches.

Here’s mine

1. Left fruit not eaten in lunch, only to realize the next day it was moldy. Picky kids.

2. Butter sandwiches. I actually think these are okay, I mean it was real butter and the bread was multigrain and they ate it.

3. Cereal in bag. Well I did throw in some raisins and nuts (although they came back, but the cereal was eaten)

4. All packed product. You know what I mean, pre-packed pretzels, granola bars, fruit bar and lunchables.

5. Water. I do send my kids water in a water bottle. Possibly I should learn to put the bottle in the dishwasher once in awhile, that would prevent the mold I saw on the lid!!!

Seriously the kids are getting fed, and still growing, what more can you ask for.

Discontent Stay At Home Mom


How does that work? Crazy busy with kids and volunteering and sports but still discontent. How does that happen!! I should be super happy, having the life of leisure. Man I sound like a whiner.  Is it the rain? Is it not enough exercise or what!!!!!!!!

I am trying to be organized, really I am.

I have a calender and on it I wrote Dress Rehearsal for Ballet at 10:30. Perfect I had it together. So my little girl looks totally cute in costume and make-up, hair in a perfect bun and off we go. We get there and it is JUST PRACTISE!!!! No costume and make up needed. I then rushed home to get practise suit. I changed her outfit, but she was still in stage make-up and had serious hair. She just looks like a trampy ballerina for this practise.

Seriously I checked the info paper, to-day was under Final Dress Rehearsals. Does Dress Rehearsals not mean “costumes”.

Isn’t life suppose to be easier.

Where is my head?

Got up early, made coffee, sent 3 kids off to school, took next one with snacks for other moms. Morning was looking good. And then I realized I FORGOT TO PICK UP FRIEND’S KID! Poor little soul was standing at the door, patiently waiting. This blog should be called four kids and the forgetful MOM!!!!
How does that even happen???