Discontent Stay At Home Mom


How does that work? Crazy busy with kids and volunteering and sports but still discontent. How does that happen!! I should be super happy, having the life of leisure. Man I sound like a whiner.  Is it the rain? Is it not enough exercise or what!!!!!!!!


3 comments on “Discontent Stay At Home Mom

  1. Sarah perez says:

    I struggle with the same thought process on a daily basis. I have two wonderful sons, a husband who makes enough so that I can stay home and enjoy my wonderful sons. Yet, I find myself irritable, frustrated and feeling like there’s got to be more to life than laundry, dishes, and chauffering. Everyone else says to enjoy every moment because it goes so fast. What’s wrong with me that I can’t seem to do that??

    • leona says:

      I would like to write something inspiring and amazing about the gift of raising the next generation, and the joy to be the success behind the adult they are to become, but….

      I think many a parent who stays home with the kids feels discontent at some time. A friend of mine says, you need to make sure you keep the joy in your life, whether it is from exercise, working part time or crafting. People who say savour each minute have just chosen to delete the tough days from their memories. I do not see any of those people volunteering to savour some of my kids minutes. And there has been a few I would have liked someone else to enjoy, you know the tantrums, the constant noise, the laundry, I have a few I could give away.
      Hang in there, this too shall pass.

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