Not A Housewife Of Orange County

Kitchenaid- Late Night Baking

Kitchenaid- Late Night Baking (Photo credit: Mattastic!)

In a world where there is advertising everywhere it is easy to be caught up in a world of purchasing and consumerism. If you pay attention to the advertising, you will notice that you actually need a new car, new house, new toys, new stuff and a new life. I personally think you only need a few things; like milk, toilet papers and tampons. The problem is I actually want some stuff. Which is okay, but as you must know my goal is too not be like the housewives of Orange County. And that is a dilemma.

It actually started with a good drive. I went golfing with my good friend Carrie who had the most amazing driver, a Burner bubble , and I hit that ball so far. Oh yeah!  So of course I started  to covet it, sorry  God. Now I wanted to go and buy it but the only person who actually benefitted was me, so I needed to come up with a plan.

My plan was simple, if I completed enough selfless or good deeds, then as a reward I could purchase the club. I felt then it would be even/steven. I started checking with people what I could do that would qualify. There was a few crazy ideas, like making Megan’s kids lunches for a week or walking her dog  and picking up his poop. Really? No, not good enough.

Well it so happened that Carrie, the instigator of the golf purchase was trying to get her parents home ready to sell. That meant cleaning baseboards, washing windows and walls  and generally playing Molly Maid. Perfect, it was actually for her parents, who happened to be seniors and several people would benefit. Mr Bill and his  wife, Carrie and her family and myself. That was deed # 1. We actually had a super great time, visiting washing and ripping up carpet., and the place looked great.

For Deed #2, I e-mailed everyone I knew, well at least my hockey team, my curling teams and the running group and requested  a book drive for a school that my friend worked at. The grade one class had very few books, which if you did not know makes reading a little tough. It was actually a very easy deed. I contacted several people, picked books up and stored them until delivery. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy

For Deed #3.The local community center was having a pancake breakfast as a pre-stampede celebration, you know for the big one, Great. I made a phone call and was serving coffee, one of my favourite things to the neighbors. This deed probably barely made the grade, even though it was 3 hours long.

The crazy thing is that none of this felt like work, it felt good. So it was good for the world and good for me.

Then I was off to Golf Town, hello golf club.

And now I would like to buy a Kitchen Aid  mix master, I saw a red one check it out at  that was saying Hello, Baby!! Good Deeds here I come.


3 comments on “Not A Housewife Of Orange County

  1. Carrie says:

    Good job Leona you are SO funny, I say just go out and get the Kitchen Aid mix master yet I’m sure you will feel better doing a good deed. Go through Tim’s drive through for your coffee and pay for the person behind you ( make sure it is a single person don’t go crazy here!). It’s a two for one, you get your coffee and you do a good deed. See you tomorrow for hockey adn cofee at Tim’s after.

    Love Carrie

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