School Mom Confessions


I am coming clean! Yes, I am actually admitting to a few inapropriate mom school activties.

1. Phoned school saying son had an appointment when he was actually going skiing with me, playing as a goalie for my hockey team or sleeping in when too tired. It was an appointment with the ski hill, arena and bed. It is all in how you look at it. But why do you ask???

2. Did not take son to doctor when teacher and principal suggested. Hello, he fell off his bike of course it is going to hurt. Nothing a little tylenol and clean clothes can not fix.

3. Signed the home reading paper, that he did not read.

4.Actually told him to forge my name on his agenda, apparently I should have told him to practise it first.

5. Put food back in the lunch kit that was not eaten the day before.

6.Told him “seriously they do not know what they are talking about” in regards to school rules

7. Let him take a bat to school, to play ball. I still do not think that is wrong. How do you play ball without one.


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