Sophie and the Skates

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When Sophie was very little her Mom bought her the most amazing skates, they were white with little pokey things at the toe and the blade was shiny and new. Her Mom said, Sophie, I am a figure skater, Your Dad is a figure skater, Your sisters are figure skaters and you will be a figure skater. So Sophie began to learn how to skate.

When she first began she would fall down and get up and fall down and get up. But she practised and practised and Sophie began to skate without falling. Soon she was learning to do mohawk turns, twirls and  jumps. As she grew her Mom would buy more skates and Sophie, her Mom and Dad and sisters would compete in the Carnival and travel to competitions. Her Mom would make beautiful costumes with sparkles and beads, and do Sophie’s hair with glitter. Sophie would skate wonderfully and look beautiful.

But there was a problem. Sophie had been to her friend Eden’s house and watched her friend play hockey. The skates were just plain black, the gear was not pretty ,it often smelled bad and after wearing a helmet her hair was sometimes shiny and wet.  But Sophie still wanted to try it, it looked like so much fun. In the dressing room there was laughing and chatting and everyone went out  skating together. The parents in the stands would cheer and yell and  the players would hug when they scored.

Sophie went to her Mom and said, Mom I would like to play hockey like my friend Eden. Sophie’s Mom made her forehead go all crinkly and said, In this family, I am a figure skater, Your Dad is a figure skater, Your sisters are figure skaters and you are a figure skater. That is what we do.

It made Sophie feel very sad. She continued to figure skate with her beautiful costumes and shiny skates. Sometimes she would go to Eden’s house and practise shooting  or sneak to the lake with Eden and her friends and play shinny wearing her figure skates.

One day Sophie’s family went to a competition. Sophie was wearing a cute blue sparkly skating skirt and her shiny skates and she was going to skate to beautiful music. Just before she was to go on the ice, Sophie pulled a blue hockey jersey  with a number 7 over her dress, and put  blue and white hockey socks on her legs that slumped on to the  top of her skates and she stepped on the ice. She could hear her Mom gasp, but Sophie held up her head and skated and jumped around the ice in her hockey jersey.

When Sophie was done, her Mom said, Sophie I am a figure skate, Your Dad is a figure skater, Your sisters are figure skaters and you are a figure skater. This is what we do.

Sophie got bigger and bigger and  soon she was as tall as her Dad. She was so big and grown up she moved to her own place. Sophie found a ladies hockey team and started to play hockey. She was very happy. After awhile Sophie got married to a another hockey player who had a amazing wrist shot and they started a family.

So Sophie played hockey, her partner played hockey and the kids played hockey.  Their entire basement was filled with hockey gear, and the basement often smelt bad, in that hockey gear way. They would play street hockey, roller hockey and ice hockey. They like to watch hockey and talk hockey. One day Sophie’s youngest boy came to her and said, Mom I would like to figure skate, like Gramma and Grampa.

Sophie looked at him and said, I am a hockey player, Your other Mom  is a hockey player, Your brothers are hockey players and you ……..can be a figure skater. We are a family that skates, that is what we do.


Liv the Librarian

Once upon a time there was a girl named Liv with curly hair and big brown eyes, who loved books. She would tell everyone, My name is Liv. I love books. I love everything about books and I am going to be a librarian. I am the best at reading

One day at school she made a wrong turn and ended up in a room with lots of books. Liv was standing there admiring the shelves and displays when she heard a  lady say, I am Mrs. T. the teacher librarian.This is the Library Commons,I will show you around. Liv was very excited, the library was amazing, rows and rows of beautiful  books on shelves. It was very neat and very tidy, and every book was in the right place. Mrs. T showed her how the books with facts were lined up by numbers and the imagination books were  organized by the alphabet. She showed her the books with gold emblems that had won awards and she showed her all of the computers She even, showed her the cozy spot where kids could sit and read. Liv was in love with the library. She announced to the teacher librarian , I am Liv. I love books, I love everything about books and I am going to be a librarian.  I, am the best at reading. Mrs. T said that is excellent you can come to work with me  tomorrow.

So the very next day Liv went to the library with a huge smile on her face. She was very glad to be working at the library. Mrs T and her organized the shelves, and put the beautiful books in their place. Then Mrs. T said, Liv pick out a book and you, who are the best at reading can read to the kids when they come in.

So Liv picked out the BEST book in the whole world!

When the bell rang, Mrs. T announced, This is it, now, the students will be coming in.

All of a sudden, there was a terrible noise and the floor shock, and very quickly the room filled with students, dozens and dozens of students,  who were talking and shuffling around. Some of them stormed at the shelves snatching books down and dropping two or three on the floor, there was several boys around  the computer and two girls busy arguing over an e-reader!  A few students sat in the reading corner where Liv  with her curly hair was posed with an amazing story insisting that she start. So on demand Liv began reading aloud an award-winning book  and at first she had four readers and then she had five and soon she had dozens. Liv who was very nervous, kept reading, her voice rising and falling as the story progressed, and as she neared the ending, the only  noise in the library was Liv’s voice saying ”  But because there, sitting in the middle of the room was Meena. She was reading a book.”

When Liv first closed the book, there was silence, not a sound to be heard. From the back of the room, someone started clapping and  one by one, all of the students joined in. Then, they filled their arms with stacks of books, some with so many the pile was  reaching up to their chin,and  took them home. It was a moment filled with glory and triumph!

Liv and Mrs. T looked around the library where there was books on the floor, books on the tables and books under the chairs.The computers were humming and there was a pile of books stacked in the return box and the library was NOT neat and was NOT tidy. Mrs. T looked at Liv and said,: To-day was a good day!

Liv  looked at Mrs. T and replied: My name is Liv. I love books. I love everything about books. I am the best at reading. But the best is ……..when others love reading!!!! Then Mrs. T and Liv began tidying up for another day,another class and another success.

This Momma Loves Hockey

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Everyone needs a hobby. For some it is knitting, or golfing or perhaps scrapbooking. I feel hobbies are good for your mind and your soul. So if you are a foodie, a yoga buff or a painter, if you like it, do it. It seems to me that some women  feel that way about shopping or collecting shoes, or perhaps manicures or massages.  Well for me it has turned out that THIS MOMMA LOVES HOCKEY!! That stereotype about the MAN playing hockey, talking hockey and watching hockey at this house is ME! Forget the shoes and scrapbooking I am lacing up my skates.

About ten years ago, I started playing hockey and it is unbelievable. As I tell people try it and you will know why your kids are crazy about it. There is the exercise, the camaraderie or harassment of the dressing room and your team mates and the sheer thrill of scoring. And once you have that you have the appreciation of watching the skill on the tv.

A lady I knew from curling encouraged me to come out and I haven’t looked back. It was one of those First After Forty Moments, like in the

Now I do get annoyed, when parents say our team or my team when it is their son’s and not actually theirs. I also get annoyed when parents get all crazy about what team their child is on, or complain about the coaching or the league without volunteering.  Really, get a Life, Or Get Your Own Team.

I do not care for the NHL fighting or the nasty blows, that they justify by saying “Skate With Your Head Up”  Nor do I like paying 8 dollars for a beer at the game! Or the huge salaries, I mean come on, you are getting paid to have fun.

I love hockey but I would not paint my house, basement or body parts the colour of any team, not even the team I skate with.  And I, will admit I do not know stats, I can not tell you who scored when, wearing what, well except for Paul Henderson and Sidney. But I think we all know that.

I like hockey when my team wins or loses. Whether we score a lot or not at all, and even when I deflect the puck into my own goalies net. Sorry Allison!

But I love playing.

Just imagine if I could actually shoot!

Running Is the New Therapy


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I run with a group of friends. We often run a couple times a week, clocking our k’s in our Sauconys. So we run for fitness, for our lungs, our legs and our big FAT behinds. It is so refreshing, the adrenalin, the fresh air and physical exertion. What we do not say is how we run for therapy. Yes, it’s true. When you run with ladies, it is not quiet, not at all. It’s a serious gab fest. We discuss our children, our husbands, our lives, and generally fix each other’s problems. Granted none of us have a degree in counselling but we have years of experience and the gift that goes with caring for good friends. So as much as we run for ourselves we also run for each other.

Look at me

So blogging, hmmmm…I will admit I love it. So the reason is why? Do we blog for ourselves, for attention? Is it really another version of wearing the slutty outfit to the bar? Or about winning the game? Or do we think that our opinion matters? If the words go into cyberworld but no one reads them are they there?  Is it perhaps just a narcissistic, attention grabbing personality that blogs?

Looking for some answers on the internet,of course, where all wisdom lives. Amit Varna from says.”Guilt”. “When I wake up and log on to my site meter and see that a couple thousand people have come to my blog while I’ve(been) sleeping, it makes me feel guilty. So I blog on.

Now I will admit to being a cynic, but I am thinking he was looking at his bank account.

Now Draun, said: wow…I am amazed by the answer guilt, I blog for the sheer thrill of blogging. It’s good to put your view some place where everybody can know what you have been thinking and in doing that if you can help somebody, it’s just an added bonus. The power behind blogging can not be under estimated.

I did find a poll about why bloggers blog. Answers were the following; money, business, fame, networking, and others. Others was not defined.

But of course as someone wrote: Just writing a freakin diary for godsakes, I actually think that was Max from Perhaps I need to make neater notes. So sorry if that was not you, Max, but I found it funny

Hans Muster wrote, Normally I blog to keep me alive.

Kristy McNealy says I blog as a way to add content to my business website. I also hope the info helps out the parents who make up my target audience. Money would be nice but thus far blogging hasn’t gotten me much.

Brian blogs for a multiple of reasons; main reason is networking, secondary reason to share my knowlege and the tertiary reason is to make a little extra money.

Mars says, I vote for fun. I am amazed that total strangers would read what I write.

I found which had an article from Walter about the types of bloggers.  He has classified them as 7 types.

Controversial Opportunist, who plays on the popularity of information and is a talented researcher.

Self Indulger, who blogs for self entertainment

Deceitful Bandit, who is cunning and manipulative and who repackages others work, Ouch!

Leeching Mercenary, who goes where the money is, and often guest writes on famous blogs. Personally I think smart bloggers

The Zealous Evangelist, who is passionate about topics he beleives in, very hardworking and determined.

Influential Wordsmith, who is respected and influential

Quality Supplier who is a quick thinker and presents ideas in an unbiased way.

Of course as my neighbor Rob says, Sex or money that is what runs the world.

Personally I found it amazing that people justify everything so much, I like the honesty behind I like it, Or doing it to make money. Or man, can you lend me a couple bucks so I can buy beer, oh wait that was a bum downtown, I almost gave it to him !!

Or as I say Don’t bullshit a bullshitter.


Be Grateful

I totally love having different types of friends. My friend down the street tells me to-day that she has a goal to organize her table lines and dish settings, then take a photo so she will know how to do a great presentation for each meal. SAY WHAT! I burst out laughing, never in my wildest dreams would I do that. Man everyone has such different ideas. Of course when she turns it into a book and makes a ton of money, will I still laugh?