Look at me

So blogging, hmmmm…I will admit I love it. So the reason is why? Do we blog for ourselves, for attention? Is it really another version of wearing the slutty outfit to the bar? Or about winning the game? Or do we think that our opinion matters? If the words go into cyberworld but no one reads them are they there?  Is it perhaps just a narcissistic, attention grabbing personality that blogs?

Looking for some answers on the internet,of course, where all wisdom lives. Amit Varna from www.indiauncut.com says.”Guilt”. “When I wake up and log on to my site meter and see that a couple thousand people have come to my blog while I’ve(been) sleeping, it makes me feel guilty. So I blog on.

Now I will admit to being a cynic, but I am thinking he was looking at his bank account.

Now Draun, said: wow…I am amazed by the answer guilt, I blog for the sheer thrill of blogging. It’s good to put your view some place where everybody can know what you have been thinking and in doing that if you can help somebody, it’s just an added bonus. The power behind blogging can not be under estimated.

I did find a poll about why bloggers blog. Answers were the following; money, business, fame, networking, and others. Others was not defined.

But of course as someone wrote: Just writing a freakin diary for godsakes, I actually think that was Max from www.zedomax.biz/bog/make-money/crap-I-changed-my-title.com Perhaps I need to make neater notes. So sorry if that was not you, Max, but I found it funny

Hans Muster wrote, Normally I blog to keep me alive.

Kristy McNealy says I blog as a way to add content to my business website. I also hope the info helps out the parents who make up my target audience. Money would be nice but thus far blogging hasn’t gotten me much.

Brian blogs for a multiple of reasons; main reason is networking, secondary reason to share my knowlege and the tertiary reason is to make a little extra money.

Mars says, I vote for fun. I am amazed that total strangers would read what I write.

I found www.webdesignerdepot.com which had an article from Walter about the types of bloggers.  He has classified them as 7 types.

Controversial Opportunist, who plays on the popularity of information and is a talented researcher.

Self Indulger, who blogs for self entertainment

Deceitful Bandit, who is cunning and manipulative and who repackages others work, Ouch!

Leeching Mercenary, who goes where the money is, and often guest writes on famous blogs. Personally I think smart bloggers

The Zealous Evangelist, who is passionate about topics he beleives in, very hardworking and determined.

Influential Wordsmith, who is respected and influential

Quality Supplier who is a quick thinker and presents ideas in an unbiased way.

Of course as my neighbor Rob says, Sex or money that is what runs the world.

Personally I found it amazing that people justify everything so much, I like the honesty behind I like it, Or doing it to make money. Or man, can you lend me a couple bucks so I can buy beer, oh wait that was a bum downtown, I almost gave it to him !!

Or as I say Don’t bullshit a bullshitter.



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