Running Is the New Therapy


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I run with a group of friends. We often run a couple times a week, clocking our k’s in our Sauconys. So we run for fitness, for our lungs, our legs and our big FAT behinds. It is so refreshing, the adrenalin, the fresh air and physical exertion. What we do not say is how we run for therapy. Yes, it’s true. When you run with ladies, it is not quiet, not at all. It’s a serious gab fest. We discuss our children, our husbands, our lives, and generally fix each other’s problems. Granted none of us have a degree in counselling but we have years of experience and the gift that goes with caring for good friends. So as much as we run for ourselves we also run for each other.


3 comments on “Running Is the New Therapy

  1. D.A.. says:

    SO true Leona! and So well written! I think you expressed it beautifully – I’ll look at our group in a whole new light – well done my friend! Love Dawn

  2. leona says:

    This is going to be published in The Running Room Magazine!!!Woohoo!

  3. Shaun Pawley says:

    I genuinely enjoy reading on this internet site , it contains great posts .

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