This Momma Loves Hockey

Two standard hockey pucks

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Everyone needs a hobby. For some it is knitting, or golfing or perhaps scrapbooking. I feel hobbies are good for your mind and your soul. So if you are a foodie, a yoga buff or a painter, if you like it, do it. It seems to me that some women  feel that way about shopping or collecting shoes, or perhaps manicures or massages.  Well for me it has turned out that THIS MOMMA LOVES HOCKEY!! That stereotype about the MAN playing hockey, talking hockey and watching hockey at this house is ME! Forget the shoes and scrapbooking I am lacing up my skates.

About ten years ago, I started playing hockey and it is unbelievable. As I tell people try it and you will know why your kids are crazy about it. There is the exercise, the camaraderie or harassment of the dressing room and your team mates and the sheer thrill of scoring. And once you have that you have the appreciation of watching the skill on the tv.

A lady I knew from curling encouraged me to come out and I haven’t looked back. It was one of those First After Forty Moments, like in the

Now I do get annoyed, when parents say our team or my team when it is their son’s and not actually theirs. I also get annoyed when parents get all crazy about what team their child is on, or complain about the coaching or the league without volunteering.  Really, get a Life, Or Get Your Own Team.

I do not care for the NHL fighting or the nasty blows, that they justify by saying “Skate With Your Head Up”  Nor do I like paying 8 dollars for a beer at the game! Or the huge salaries, I mean come on, you are getting paid to have fun.

I love hockey but I would not paint my house, basement or body parts the colour of any team, not even the team I skate with.  And I, will admit I do not know stats, I can not tell you who scored when, wearing what, well except for Paul Henderson and Sidney. But I think we all know that.

I like hockey when my team wins or loses. Whether we score a lot or not at all, and even when I deflect the puck into my own goalies net. Sorry Allison!

But I love playing.

Just imagine if I could actually shoot!


One comment on “This Momma Loves Hockey

  1. You are a very smart individual!

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