Liv the Librarian

Once upon a time there was a girl named Liv with curly hair and big brown eyes, who loved books. She would tell everyone, My name is Liv. I love books. I love everything about books and I am going to be a librarian. I am the best at reading

One day at school she made a wrong turn and ended up in a room with lots of books. Liv was standing there admiring the shelves and displays when she heard a  lady say, I am Mrs. T. the teacher librarian.This is the Library Commons,I will show you around. Liv was very excited, the library was amazing, rows and rows of beautiful  books on shelves. It was very neat and very tidy, and every book was in the right place. Mrs. T showed her how the books with facts were lined up by numbers and the imagination books were  organized by the alphabet. She showed her the books with gold emblems that had won awards and she showed her all of the computers She even, showed her the cozy spot where kids could sit and read. Liv was in love with the library. She announced to the teacher librarian , I am Liv. I love books, I love everything about books and I am going to be a librarian.  I, am the best at reading. Mrs. T said that is excellent you can come to work with me  tomorrow.

So the very next day Liv went to the library with a huge smile on her face. She was very glad to be working at the library. Mrs T and her organized the shelves, and put the beautiful books in their place. Then Mrs. T said, Liv pick out a book and you, who are the best at reading can read to the kids when they come in.

So Liv picked out the BEST book in the whole world!

When the bell rang, Mrs. T announced, This is it, now, the students will be coming in.

All of a sudden, there was a terrible noise and the floor shock, and very quickly the room filled with students, dozens and dozens of students,  who were talking and shuffling around. Some of them stormed at the shelves snatching books down and dropping two or three on the floor, there was several boys around  the computer and two girls busy arguing over an e-reader!  A few students sat in the reading corner where Liv  with her curly hair was posed with an amazing story insisting that she start. So on demand Liv began reading aloud an award-winning book  and at first she had four readers and then she had five and soon she had dozens. Liv who was very nervous, kept reading, her voice rising and falling as the story progressed, and as she neared the ending, the only  noise in the library was Liv’s voice saying ”  But because there, sitting in the middle of the room was Meena. She was reading a book.”

When Liv first closed the book, there was silence, not a sound to be heard. From the back of the room, someone started clapping and  one by one, all of the students joined in. Then, they filled their arms with stacks of books, some with so many the pile was  reaching up to their chin,and  took them home. It was a moment filled with glory and triumph!

Liv and Mrs. T looked around the library where there was books on the floor, books on the tables and books under the chairs.The computers were humming and there was a pile of books stacked in the return box and the library was NOT neat and was NOT tidy. Mrs. T looked at Liv and said,: To-day was a good day!

Liv  looked at Mrs. T and replied: My name is Liv. I love books. I love everything about books. I am the best at reading. But the best is ……..when others love reading!!!! Then Mrs. T and Liv began tidying up for another day,another class and another success.


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