Sophie and the Skates

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When Sophie was very little her Mom bought her the most amazing skates, they were white with little pokey things at the toe and the blade was shiny and new. Her Mom said, Sophie, I am a figure skater, Your Dad is a figure skater, Your sisters are figure skaters and you will be a figure skater. So Sophie began to learn how to skate.

When she first began she would fall down and get up and fall down and get up. But she practised and practised and Sophie began to skate without falling. Soon she was learning to do mohawk turns, twirls and  jumps. As she grew her Mom would buy more skates and Sophie, her Mom and Dad and sisters would compete in the Carnival and travel to competitions. Her Mom would make beautiful costumes with sparkles and beads, and do Sophie’s hair with glitter. Sophie would skate wonderfully and look beautiful.

But there was a problem. Sophie had been to her friend Eden’s house and watched her friend play hockey. The skates were just plain black, the gear was not pretty ,it often smelled bad and after wearing a helmet her hair was sometimes shiny and wet.  But Sophie still wanted to try it, it looked like so much fun. In the dressing room there was laughing and chatting and everyone went out  skating together. The parents in the stands would cheer and yell and  the players would hug when they scored.

Sophie went to her Mom and said, Mom I would like to play hockey like my friend Eden. Sophie’s Mom made her forehead go all crinkly and said, In this family, I am a figure skater, Your Dad is a figure skater, Your sisters are figure skaters and you are a figure skater. That is what we do.

It made Sophie feel very sad. She continued to figure skate with her beautiful costumes and shiny skates. Sometimes she would go to Eden’s house and practise shooting  or sneak to the lake with Eden and her friends and play shinny wearing her figure skates.

One day Sophie’s family went to a competition. Sophie was wearing a cute blue sparkly skating skirt and her shiny skates and she was going to skate to beautiful music. Just before she was to go on the ice, Sophie pulled a blue hockey jersey  with a number 7 over her dress, and put  blue and white hockey socks on her legs that slumped on to the  top of her skates and she stepped on the ice. She could hear her Mom gasp, but Sophie held up her head and skated and jumped around the ice in her hockey jersey.

When Sophie was done, her Mom said, Sophie I am a figure skate, Your Dad is a figure skater, Your sisters are figure skaters and you are a figure skater. This is what we do.

Sophie got bigger and bigger and  soon she was as tall as her Dad. She was so big and grown up she moved to her own place. Sophie found a ladies hockey team and started to play hockey. She was very happy. After awhile Sophie got married to a another hockey player who had a amazing wrist shot and they started a family.

So Sophie played hockey, her partner played hockey and the kids played hockey.  Their entire basement was filled with hockey gear, and the basement often smelt bad, in that hockey gear way. They would play street hockey, roller hockey and ice hockey. They like to watch hockey and talk hockey. One day Sophie’s youngest boy came to her and said, Mom I would like to figure skate, like Gramma and Grampa.

Sophie looked at him and said, I am a hockey player, Your other Mom  is a hockey player, Your brothers are hockey players and you ……..can be a figure skater. We are a family that skates, that is what we do.


4 comments on “Sophie and the Skates

  1. Louise says:

    Absolutely adorable!!!

  2. Great story for kids, Submit it to for publication. The irony of it is great, Your response to your child was fabulous.

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