Crushing My Kids Dreams

Pile of gorgeous gifts

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It is official, yes, I am the worst christmas present shopper ever!!

Some of the biggest offenses to date:

1. Buying your son a game for the wrong system.

2. Buying a game he already has.

3. Buying the right game but again for the wrong system.

4. Buying clothes the wrong size, colour, or basically the wrong clothes!

5. Buying a gift, hiding it and then not finding it!

AS you can see basically all the gifts barring the Batman car at age 3, have been a mistake, after that it was crush the hope and idealism out of the giving season!

Of course I justify it by saying “no one helps me”, meaning my poor husband, or I say “xmas is not all about gifts” or “he will be a more resiliant person because of this. Yes, I am passing the buck, and dodging the responsibility.

As as adult he will either have no expectations about the holidays or will be the parent who clears the aisles at Toys R Us.

There is hope I have a younger child, who will be a shopper and after I have smashed her idealism, she will be the kind that takes over.

My niece gave me this advice, Just find a great gift idea and buy them that. HELLO! That part, the great gift idea is the problem……

So hopefully when he is 35, it will be funny and a great story, rather than the sad pathetic realism we experience every year.


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