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I saw a van yesterday with those little stick people on the back, you know the ones that have a Dad, a Mom doing yoga, a little ballerina, a hockey player and maybe a fish or a dog. Except upon closer inspection I saw a space between the Dad and the kids, because THE MOM HAD BEEN SCRATCHED OFF!!! Ouch!



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There is a book called “Dear George Clooney, Please marry my Mom”
I already love it!

The Christmas List

 Becca had decided her parents needed some help . They were great parents, they were kind and fair, her Dad made great meals and snacks, her Mom drove and watched every ringette game,. They did have some crazy rules about not watching too much tv, or playing on the computer and doing chores, but Becca knew that still made them great parents. The problem  was they were  bad at Christmas.  So in hopes of fixing Christmas, Becca had put a  large piece of paper  on the refrigerator with the words My Christmas List.

The list was quite long with lots of different ideas to make this Christmas the best. Becca’s Mom and Dad looked at it and said, Becca, We are great at lots of things but not at holidays, so we will try this.

Becca said. EXCELLENT!! This will be the best Christmas ever!

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First on the list was: making and sending Christmas cards. No problem, said her Mom and Dad. So the family right away got out their scrapbooking set and started making beautiful, sparkling christmas cards. They glued, and printed and stamped until the cards were done. When they put them in the mailbox, Becca said, EXCELLENT! This will be the best Christmas ever!

Next on the list was: decorating the house. No problem, said her Mom and Dad. So the family right away got out all of the Christmas lights and put them on the house, garage, the trees and around all of the windows. Then they put up a huge tree, with decorations of popcorn strings, homemade deorations and ribbons, They put Santas in every corner and snowmen on the front lawn. The house has shinning every where. Becca looked at it and said EXCELLENT! This will be the best Christmas ever!

They looked at the next event, it was going ice skating at the outdoor rink. No problem, said her Mom and Dad. They all put on their jackets, scarfs, and headed to the rink. They skated around the ice, where there was xmas music playing, a fire burning and red and green lights shinning. They drank hot chocolate and ate cookies. It was an amazing time. As Becca twirled around the ice she said, EXCELLENT! This will be  the best Christmas  ever.

The next plan was Christmas baking. No problem, said the Mom and Dad. They found the best recipes, bought sprinkles, and candy canes and chocolate kisses. The family made gingerbread men, shortbread cookies, peppermint fudge and truffles. The tables had plates of cookies and treats everywhere. There was flour on the counter and the floor and even some on Becca’s Dad’s forehead. The kitchen was a mess but the baking was done, and it tasted great. Becca looked around at the mounds of food and said, EXCELLENT! This will be the best Christmas ever!

Carrolling, No problem, said her Mom and Dad. The family then decided to learn some Christmas songs, they practised and practised until they knew Rudolph, the Red Nose Reindeer, Silent Night and Jingle Bells. They practised until they no longer needed to look at the words and they practised until their voices were sore. So off they went to the neighbors houses and started to sing. They went from house to house sharing their holiday spirit. Becca said EXCELLENT! This will be the best Christmas ever!

Next on the list was presents. No problem, said Becca’s Mom and Dad. The parents went to the store and said we need the best presents for our daughter. They bought dolls and crafts, clothes and electronics. They bought candies, games and puzzles. They bought so many toys, it filled up two cars. When Becca saw them bring in bags and bags of gifts, she said, EXCELLENT! This will be the best Christmas ever!

Having a Christmas party; No problem said Becca’s Mom and Dad. They wrote out invitations on gold paper and invited the mailman, the neighbors, friends, the ringette team and even the school principal. They played christmas music, they served the christmas baking, and  they made eggnog drinks . Becca had a great time and she said, EXCELLENT! This will be the best Christmas ever!

On the list was making a gingerbread house; No problem said Becca’s Mom and Dad. Her Dad made gingerbread, they cut it, iced it, put candies, jellies, and candy canes on it. It had a red sidewalk, and a chocolate chimney and silver candy windows. It looked amazing and tasted great. Becca said, EXCELLENT! This will be the best Christmas ever!

As it got closer and closer to Christmas  Becca’s Mom and Dad kept going CHEEEECK at the end of each item on the list. The cards had been sent, the house decorated, the baking was done, the gifts had been bought, and skating, carrolling and party had been a success, it was looking like this would be the best Christmas ever.

They were checking over the list and the very last item was sharing and caring. Hmm…said the Mom, Hmmmm….said the Dad. Becca said, sharing and caring are the most important part of Christmas. The Mom and Dad looked at all the presents they had bought and all of the baking they had done and  thought of all of the fun they had.  They looked at each other quickly, the way parents sometimes do and then they said, Sharing and Caring it is, they packed up the presents and packed up the baking and went to Toy Mountain, the place that collected gifts for kids who did not get Christmas, and gave it all to them.

Becca looked at all they had given away and said EXCELLENT! This  really is the best Christmas ever!

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Eli and Brett

My friend’s sons were doing workbooks at their house. The youngest Brett wanted pencil crayons from downstairs but was too scared to get them so he asked Eli if he would do it. Eli replied I will if you give me a present. But Brett said he had no money. So Eli countered with how about a hug everyday until Christmas. Brett agreed and gave Eli a huge bear hug. Eli said, No Brett you have to hug me like you love me and then proceeded to show how to give a nice loving hug.

The Wall

It was on her third birthday when Mandy received the biggest most amazing artist kit. It had everything in it, pastels, coloured pencils and markers. There was  sparkly paper, lined paper and paper without any thing at all. It was an artist dream. And because of this gift Mandy started to draw.

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At first she drew on all of the sparkly paper, there was circles, and lines and things that looked just like perfect scribbles. She drew so much that she used all of the sparkly paper, the lined paper and the plain paper. And as she drew she got better and better, soon her circles and lines began to look like something real.

When Mandy had turned four, she received more pencils and markers and paper for she, the artist she was, was in need of more. Mandy also had started to make letters and could write her own name and small sentences. She would practise and practise. She eventually practised so much that there was paper everywhere and her Mom was starting to say things like, Mandy pick that paper up!

So Mandy would pick the paper up, but she would just draw on more and soon there was stacks everywhere. Mandy’s Mom liked a clean house and it was making her CRAZY!  So when Mandy’s paper supply started to get low, her Mom stopped buying extra paper. There stopped being papers and artwork laying everywhere around the house. So this made Mandy sad and her Mom happy.

But Mandy loved drawing and she loved writing. She loved it so much she started drawing inside her closet, she turned the closet into the most beautiful work of art, ever. It had mermaids and princesses and beautiful words written all over the closet. The house remained tidy because Mandy was not drawing on papers she was decorating her closet.

Eventually the closet was decorated everywhere and Mandy did not know what to do. But then she had an idea, she started drawing and writing on her bedroom walls. Her walls began sporting girls climbing mountains, and holding hands and flowers and beautiful butterflies. There were vines of words joining all of the beautiful art work together. Mandy was so happy!

When her Mom went into her room, she gasped the walls were covered and she was not happy. She said in a very stern voice, Mandy, this is not okay, these walls need painted!

Mandy’s Mom took out the white paint and brush and started covering the walls with the plainest, whitest color. The paint was being put on with hard angry strokes. As Mandy’s Mom painted she started looking at some of the words and artwork. She painted one wall and then another, then she stopped. She read some more words. She suddenly realized that Mandy was amazing and her artwork an expression of her heart,

She rushed  to the store and picked up art supplies and artists paint and new brushes for Mandy and gave them as a gift to her. You are a great artist, she told Mandy. and a wonderful daughter.

Mandy’s Mom took some beautiful paint and lovingly wrote on the wall, This room belongs to the artist “Mandy”

For on the bedroom wall in the corner,  it was these  words that had changed  everything, painted in pink was  “I love my family”