My Love Affair

Yes, I know this sounds racy and fun and perhaps it is. My Love Affair is actually with CBC Radio. It started about 12 years ago, when some friends of mine were fans. Perhaps I had finally reached an age to appreciate intelligent radio or I just got lucky.

It started with Peter, The Dead Dog Cafe and Quirks and Quarks. Now it is Jian Ghomeshi, Ideas and the cooking gig of Julie Van Rosendal. (Well to be honest I love Julie, and no I am not a relative).
Now when I was a young adult I assumed CBC Radio was not for me, and I had an impression that it was stodgy and dull. Ha! Joke was on me.
I have come to enjoy their great programs, I have so many favourites. It is always a huge disappointment to me and always a surprise when they change programming. I will think there is no way they can improve on what they have, and yet they constantly do. I am always saying “I heard that on CBC”. My husband used to say “sh*t no one cares about”, but he too has become a regular.
And one of my most favourite things, is when I find out a friend has heard the same program as me, it is such a connection to think we were both listening at the same time. A tie hooked together through the intimacy of radio. 

The best time for me, is in the van, no children enjoying the information from DNTO or Q with Jian Ghomeshi.  It is like having that great conversation with an intelligent friend, in the comfy chair  enjoying your latte, but anywhere and anytime.

CBC Radio

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