My life is so GREAT!

English: A skipping rope tied into a carrick mat

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It was one of those days, the kind that are satisfying and content, the kind that starts with a coffee with the perfect flavour and kids that wake up happy. Yes, today was that kind of day. And lucky for me, it was my day.

I had kids that were happy to go to school, one whom was a little sleepy just said, Mom My eyes are awake, my face is awake but my brain is still sleepy. Aaaahhh…..Me, too, I replied.

But that sweetheart went to school with her backpack and her skipping rope and her brain which had apparently become alert. Then I, lucky Mom that I am, got to  pack up my stick and my equipment and go play hockey with my friends. Which is just another excuse  for exercising and laughing together. Well perhaps a little hooking and a possible roughing call…  But great.

Hockey turned into lunch with a friend, where we solved all of the worlds problems. If only we ran the world, Carrie and I along with hot chocolate and a bagel  would fix everything.

Later in the day, my family had supper and played a game. My sweetheart and I, a glass of vino and all is right with the world. There are days where everything is perfect and some that are not. But sometimes  you get lucky as we did today and today was a perfect day!!


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