Parent Teacher Time

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Once again I am off to have a little discussion with the teacher. It is parent/teacher interview time. WHY…….why me? I have already passed this grade.

I often have nothing to discuss, I only go so they think I am a better mother! Trying to fool another academic. Generally you book a parent teacher interview, spend way too much time on your hair and clothing selection. Lets face it every staff member is judging your parenting by the shine of your hair and the name on your shirt and heaven forbid if you come in carrying anything but a Starbucks and your phd credentials. Then they make you sit on tiny little chairs that  make you so worried you might pull a Goldie Locks  or  worse might get  your arse stuck in it.  Clean up in aisle Three. Questions about your child are not on your mind when you are in that chair.

So with that fake smile you discuss how your child is doing. Now honestly what parent does not know if there child is smart, can read, is nice or is a slacker and a rat. How delusional do they think we are!  So as the teacher discusses the work, showing the lovely projects the kids have been working on ,the glaze starts to slide down my tired face.  Pretend you are interested, pretend you are interested,  and smile, that is my mantra.

I suppose when you look at those crafts and projects, it is so you can judge your child’s work. All of those trees felled to prove that kid can NOT colour in the lines, nor can they trace. Perhaps it is a good thing, you do know then, that surgeon may be off the list, and perhaps art? Sometimes those interviews make you realize your teacher does care for you child and is trying to get the best out of them and other times you realize your child is going to have a long year.

It is not that I do not care about education, it is just that parent teacher  interviews are so much verbal judo.  I love reading, I love literature, I think it is the way to teach yourself, the answer to learning, to love reading is a gift I want to give my children.  That is what I want school to do. And play nice with others,  I know sounds crazy but charm takes you a long ways.  Those are my goals for my children.

Love reading and it will love you.


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