Getting Out the Door on Time


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Yes, the struggle with the clock is a mom’s nightmare.

The morning rush is a tough one. Hair brushed, breakfast, the appropriate attire, shoes, backpacks and lunches as the clock keeps ticking. It is a crazy world, every day!
So how to make it smoother is the question. Well these are some of my little tricks. They may not guarantee a no yelling morning but it will help.

 The night before, have your child make their lunch and put it in their backpack. And no it is not perfectly fresh but they can put a frozen juice box in there. A six year old is capable of making their lunch, do not let your idea of perfection and dillusional idea of a good “mom” stop their independence.
Clothes, pick them out the night before!

Check for the jackets, boots, and mitts and have them at the door. Make your kids do this.

Get visuals, you know little tiny pictures and put them in the bathroom, bedroom and by the back door. You can download some from  they have pictures  and a schedule any kid can follow.
Buy a reverse timer, it has a red area that shows the time going down, very visual and very good for kids. It can be purchased from scholars choice or

Hair: buy detangler and a great brush, The Wet One from . has been working for us. If you have young girls get their hair cut in a bob, it is the perfect cut. They may not be able to pull off the princess look, but trust me you will have all of those teenage years for that.

Toothbrush: buy an electric and maybe some kid toothpaste. If it is even a tiny bit fun, your life will be easier.

Get up 10 minutes earlier,  make a great coffee and enjoy it before morning explodes into your life.


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