Lent Let the Countdown Begin

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On Ash Wednesday my daughter participated in the liturgy at her school. They had an interpretive dance, music, reading and a slide show. Totally amazing!!
But along with Ash Wednesday, comes giving something up for Lent.Every year I generally give up chocolate bars and swearing. But this year unfortunately I have not been eating 4 chocolate bars a day nor have I been talking like a sailor. I could follow in my sisters footsteps and give up sex! My Mom said the problem is it should be something she likes. Ha, Ha.
My youngest is giving up cake, her friend was giving up walking the dog and a lady I know gives up peanut butter every year. My son a few years ago gave up electronic games, like Wii and Playstation. That was a long 40 for him.
I think the idea behind Lent and giving up something is a great thing. But for me it has to be something I can live with. My daughter suggested coffee, but I can see that is NOT a good plan. I mean I have giving up sleep for the last 100 years for these kids, coffee is my sleep.

 I need  coffee, exercise and friends to keep me sane.  And maybe a little vino.
I have already given up my career, my life and sleep. I suppose the good thing is that if I keep stalling with this decision, I will soon only have to give “whatever” up for 38…37…36…35… days, see how this works.
Happy Lent.


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