Chocolate… love my loss

English: A jar of coffee-covered chocolate beans

Image via Wikipedia

The other evening I found myself driving to the store to buy a chocolate piece of heaven and when I got there realized I would have to debit the cost.

WTH! I had a moment where I thought, maybe I should buy four then and make the debit transaction worth it. Justification at all costs.  Thankfully I realized how insane my life had become.  Bad enough to be on a chocolate run at 11 pm but now to be scoring 4.  Just say NO !

Now any woman knows that more chocolate could save all the world problems. Start making chocolate drops in war torn countries and see how a kit kat becomes the new currency.

Years ago I used to go to COSTCO and purchase a case, yes you got it right, a case and freeze it. But now I am supposedly a grown up and should be setting a good example for my children.  And yet I am one step away from the back alley and secretly purchasing a hit.  Kinda scary. 

Although I  may have just found my new favourite , an actual replacement, this photo is  of chocolate  covered coffee beans. A marriage of my two favourites, destiny awaits.


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