WordPress/Blog Trouble

I read a blog about how you know if you are addicted to wordpress… it was super funny.

But it now has me wondering, I realized I have 10 drafts awaiting revisions, I love getting comments from people and I like to check it when I have any extra time. Like even minutes. It is the VLT for the wordy/writing group. Just waiting for that hit. So although it is time consuming, it is  pretty safe.

It feels like the days when you were waiting for  the boy to call you., you know hanging by the phone, afraid to go out, wow, way before cell phones. …the good thing is if I publish this half finished post I may only have 9  posts awaiting clean up.  Except I keep having more ideas, more opinions and doing more drafts. The blog


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 that never ends, it goes on and on my friend. 


The Best Thing


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It was morning and Becky could hear lots of noise. She was laying in her bed, she could hear her Dad talking, the shower running and her one sister snoring a tiny, tiny bit. She knew soon it would be time to get up, but she lay there listening to the morning and feeling the warmth of her bed.

Suddenly her Mom came in and said, Let’s get going Becky, get up, get dressed and get a move on. The day is beginning.
Becky sighed, everyone was always in a hurry.
Once dressed, she went downstairs, where all of her sisters were eating cereal, and looking for books and her Mom was directing the chaos. Get your books, your backpack, your lunch, and your shoes and get out the door. Did you forget anything?

Becky liked it to be quiet so she would silently get her book, her coat, her backpack and get ready. With her Mom still saying, Did you forget something? Chop, chop, let’s go.
Climbing into the van, with an array of siblings, there was elbows poking each other in the sides, in the heads and sometimes in the butt. Becky hated that.  And in the background her  Mom  was saying Don’t forget your manners!

At school there was tons of kids, some big, some small, some with long hair, some with no hair. Recess would be’ Don’t forget your coat, hat and your mitts and get out that door.  And again at lunch it would be Don’t forget your juice, remember garbage in the garbage can,  and dessert last. Don’t forget to tidy up.  And don’t forget to get out and get some exercise.

At supper the meal would be delicious, often Becky’s favourite, her Mom was great at that. But after it was, Don’t forget plates in the dishwasher, garbage goes outside, Don’t forget the recyclables.

And at night, there was did you brush your teeth, your hair, did you go pee…, and did you say your prayers. Did you forget anything?

When the Mom was closing the door, Becky would quietly say, Mom did you forget something?  Remember,  the best thing, a hug and a kiss.
Aaahhh….said the Mom,  how could I forget, this? This is what  life  is all about. and then for the first time that day there was no rushing,no hurrying,just the joy and the sweetness of a mother and a daughter being together.

Busy and Bored

Pictograms of Olympic sports - Curling

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You got it Pontiac! Bored and Busy! The thing is it is not my fault. OMG I sound like my kids.

Well a couple of my curling buddies went and got full-time jobs, then between injuries and jobs my running group has been severely depleted. I feel like I am the last mom standing……might be time for a change. The only thing is, how do you get a job after several years of laundry and meals. And I will have to give up hockey, one of my favourite things in life.

So I am doing a few things. Applying for jobs I am not qualified for, as a result I have had no calls for those, I am updating my dental asst license, then I can temp(momma’s day out), and I keep checking the schools websites, school hours as we all know are the best.

I know spring is a factor for me. Every year of my life I get restless in the spring.

I am thinking of going to a life coach, sounds silly even to me. I feel though that I have lost my rudder, in the sea of life. I had in another time thought stay at home, raise your kids, make life great for them and your spouse. My sanity portion was filled with exercise; running, hockey and curling and it was good. But suddenly I am not having fun. I know it is impossible to be happy and appreciate every second of life, but contentment is a gift that keeps on giving.  So I will continue my quest, looking for that one link that will merge the great parent and great mom into the joy that I can enjoy now and my kid’s memories will talk about.

STepping out of the Box


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My neighbor says you need to try new things, once a week. So of course I went all crazy…..yesterday and had cream in my coffee. Not sure if that is what she means but it is a start. I actually think she has a point.

Last week I dressed as a mascot and danced around my daughters school, super fun. Not actually that out of my box, perhaps the part where I did not get to speak might have been. I got to do crazy things without actually getting in trouble for them.

A friend of mine was just at a seminar and the idea was to try new activities to create new pathways in your brain. As we all know when you have success, whether it be in your personal life or business you try to repeat it. So then what we do is continue in the same way or at the same thing. Of course that means no new pathways, no stepping out of the box.

Is this just a new way to say Growth at all costs, Never stop learning, perhaps it is.

So have I tried anything new, well I did karaoke for the first time, very badly, and I stayed at a bed and breakfast, new experience but perhaps not pushing my boundaries.

I know someone who says they are not good at delegating, I think her kids would argue the point, but her small idea to get better at this, is asking the grocery dude to carry her groceries.  Perhaps she is just very self-sufficient.

Perhaps none of us, like being bad at anything.  And I am going to try something new soon, really, maybe two creams in the coffee.

Time Change….Just Say NO

What is with the time change! Whose idea is it?

There is only so many hours of sunlight, no matter how you slice it. Can we not take a stand like Saskatchewan and NOT Do It. Every year you see people arriving at the end of church service , being late for hockey games, showing up for the last part of soccer. And the fatigue fall out of missing an hours sleep is everywhere, kids cranky at school, drivers yawning and adults complaining. We live in a society that is constantly sleep deprived and yet we mess them up more with deleting an hour. Is this a joke?

It reminds me of women’s dieting, if I buy a diet coke then I can have the BIG MAC, the BIG FRIES and THE BIG DESSERT!  Both a public relations trick “which cup is the walnut under”. There is no extra hours of sun. In the winter you go to work and school in the dark and come home in the dark, that is the way it is. And eventually if you wait, it becomes spring then summer and then there is sunlight. That is how it works folks.

I know I sound grouchy but it is because I AM TIRED!

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Java, Java, Java


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Almost every week I think, I will drink less coffee. Ha, ha , ha…..but WHY?

The thing is coffee is my life. Years ago, BC (before children)  I would have one in the morning and perhaps one at work, Then I had Numero Uno, coffee consumption rose, I went back to work, once again, one in the morning and one at work. Then I had child, DEUX and Three, WTH! I had coffee in the am, pm and at lunch. I drank it, hot, cold and in my cereal. Those kids were up every night for 2 years, that takes a lot of coffee to fix.  Then I did cut back a bit, probably too busy between the diapers, and laundry to actual sit down with one.

Once child #4 showed up, it was full on, java, addiction.

Yes, I know it is not a health food, but it is not vodka. Sigh….

I have tried a few tricks, half decaf/half caf but that only works until someone has ear infection or the flu and is up all night.  I have tried making a big pot of green tea, that is okay but did not stick. And once when camping I just had none, (that was pre Starbucks VIA instant coffee)  as I did not have a coffee pot. That did not happen again.

Oh right and there was those morning sickness weeks when I just could not. As my Mom would say your body is smarter than you.

But the thing is how bad can it actually be?

So I did a little google research. From the international medical insurance website, there is a list of BAD things: contains caffeine, can lead to constipation, and can stain teeth.  I found another website, that states decreases quality of sleep, leaches calcium from bones, irritate stomach lining,interferes with adenosine(the chemical that makes you calm).

Good points; may reduce risk of alzheimeracs disease, increase short-term memory and cognitive ability, it is a diuretic, can help reduce gallstones, It has 4 x the antioxidants of green tea,

Apparently any studies done before 1975 are skewed as that was before people used unfiltered coffee.

So what is the answer? Buy organic coffee, buy Swiss Water process decaf, buy arabica beans and drink lots of water and take vitamins.

Do not drink if pregnant, if you have high blood pressure, heart disease or gall stones. Do not drink if you have a mental illness, insomnia, or a coffee allergy.

Or as my Mom says “All things in moderation”

But the thing is coffee smells great, tastes great and I like it, Damn it! So where is my CUP!

A Proud Moment

When one of my children (she who can not  be named) is out in public with me and hits the wall. You know the full Monty of meltdowns, screaming, yelling, stomping feet and sometimes throwing things. To keep myself cool, I repeat the mantra, your children are not a reflection of you, your children are not a reflection of you. It helps me from having my own Monty.

And yes I do believe this. I am trying my best, it just perhaps was not at that very second

Bar grocery store

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.  So as much as I believe this I still want to share this story.

I run into a friend of mine the other day, her husband is being treated for lymphoma, so her days are often bittersweet. She is unloading with their newest medical experience, when she happens to mention she saw my son a few days ago.

She had been going to the grocery store,  and on her way in, she sees him on his way out.  She began telling him about the cancer and treatments. After awhile he who had been holding 2- 4 litres of milk, put them on the floor. She then realized his arms were probably getting sore, and that he was a young guy, not perhaps wanting to know all the details of medical procedures. She began apologizing profusely about how sore his arms must be and that she knew he needed to be on his way.  He replied, No my arms are fine, I just wanted to give you something. Then he hugged her!

I know not a reflection of me, but it felt like the full Monty of goodness!!