Hippty Hop

I had always thought about my family having very few family traditions. I mean we were not from some exotic country with strong dance and cultural gifts to hand to the next generation. We had very few great dishes or hand painted eggs nor did we have any romantic language in which we could engage in.  Mostly we had homemade bread and farm eggs, all great but not hand painted. My one Grandmother came from England so I guess we had the whole “half past twelve” and tamatoe 

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pronunciation (for those of you who do not know that is tomato).

Then one Easter I realized my Mom had started the greatest tradition. She hides a basket of chocolate treats but to find it you must solve a riddle that she has composed. Now she lives on a farm and the hiding places are endless, her biggest problem is putting them somewhere that no dog, cat or critter will find and eat them before the riddle is solved.  Well there is another problem, if you are the last to go, someone may have already scooped your basket by mistake, apparently solving their riddle incorrectly.

Some of her riddles are:

This does it’s job just once a year. But it needs a clever man to run it, that is clear.

On this bush purple flowers will grow. Sometimes near it the water flows.

You can rest here if you need and watch the birds come to feed.

As you can see, they are written for each person individually, something they have had experience with.

Now I know in the city it is a little harder, but I still do it. My kids have found eggs tied to the trampoline, hidden beside thehot tub, tied up high in the shed and on top of the rain barrel. Of course there is fewer places to hide baskets in my yard, but generally fewer worries about wildlife snatching them also.

So as sad as I am about not having family links to ukrainian dancing or Chinese New Year or sending my children to polish language classes on a Saturday, I do thanks to my Mom about having a great Easter tradition.  My Mom also does church at Easter, and yes that may also be a tradition but the riddle one is all hers.

And one day it will be mine and then my childrens, let the riddles continue!!!

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