A Proud Moment

When one of my children (she who can not  be named) is out in public with me and hits the wall. You know the full Monty of meltdowns, screaming, yelling, stomping feet and sometimes throwing things. To keep myself cool, I repeat the mantra, your children are not a reflection of you, your children are not a reflection of you. It helps me from having my own Monty.

And yes I do believe this. I am trying my best, it just perhaps was not at that very second

Bar grocery store

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.  So as much as I believe this I still want to share this story.

I run into a friend of mine the other day, her husband is being treated for lymphoma, so her days are often bittersweet. She is unloading with their newest medical experience, when she happens to mention she saw my son a few days ago.

She had been going to the grocery store,  and on her way in, she sees him on his way out.  She began telling him about the cancer and treatments. After awhile he who had been holding 2- 4 litres of milk, put them on the floor. She then realized his arms were probably getting sore, and that he was a young guy, not perhaps wanting to know all the details of medical procedures. She began apologizing profusely about how sore his arms must be and that she knew he needed to be on his way.  He replied, No my arms are fine, I just wanted to give you something. Then he hugged her!

I know not a reflection of me, but it felt like the full Monty of goodness!!

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