Java, Java, Java


Coffee (Photo credit: @Doug88888)


Almost every week I think, I will drink less coffee. Ha, ha , ha…..but WHY?

The thing is coffee is my life. Years ago, BC (before children)  I would have one in the morning and perhaps one at work, Then I had Numero Uno, coffee consumption rose, I went back to work, once again, one in the morning and one at work. Then I had child, DEUX and Three, WTH! I had coffee in the am, pm and at lunch. I drank it, hot, cold and in my cereal. Those kids were up every night for 2 years, that takes a lot of coffee to fix.  Then I did cut back a bit, probably too busy between the diapers, and laundry to actual sit down with one.

Once child #4 showed up, it was full on, java, addiction.

Yes, I know it is not a health food, but it is not vodka. Sigh….

I have tried a few tricks, half decaf/half caf but that only works until someone has ear infection or the flu and is up all night.  I have tried making a big pot of green tea, that is okay but did not stick. And once when camping I just had none, (that was pre Starbucks VIA instant coffee)  as I did not have a coffee pot. That did not happen again.

Oh right and there was those morning sickness weeks when I just could not. As my Mom would say your body is smarter than you.

But the thing is how bad can it actually be?

So I did a little google research. From the international medical insurance website, there is a list of BAD things: contains caffeine, can lead to constipation, and can stain teeth.  I found another website, that states decreases quality of sleep, leaches calcium from bones, irritate stomach lining,interferes with adenosine(the chemical that makes you calm).

Good points; may reduce risk of alzheimeracs disease, increase short-term memory and cognitive ability, it is a diuretic, can help reduce gallstones, It has 4 x the antioxidants of green tea,

Apparently any studies done before 1975 are skewed as that was before people used unfiltered coffee.

So what is the answer? Buy organic coffee, buy Swiss Water process decaf, buy arabica beans and drink lots of water and take vitamins.

Do not drink if pregnant, if you have high blood pressure, heart disease or gall stones. Do not drink if you have a mental illness, insomnia, or a coffee allergy.

Or as my Mom says “All things in moderation”

But the thing is coffee smells great, tastes great and I like it, Damn it! So where is my CUP!


3 comments on “Java, Java, Java

  1. Kat says:

    You’re a woman after my own heart.

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