Busy and Bored

Pictograms of Olympic sports - Curling

Pictograms of Olympic sports - Curling (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You got it Pontiac! Bored and Busy! The thing is it is not my fault. OMG I sound like my kids.

Well a couple of my curling buddies went and got full-time jobs, then between injuries and jobs my running group has been severely depleted. I feel like I am the last mom standing……might be time for a change. The only thing is, how do you get a job after several years of laundry and meals. And I will have to give up hockey, one of my favourite things in life.

So I am doing a few things. Applying for jobs I am not qualified for, as a result I have had no calls for those, I am updating my dental asst license, then I can temp(momma’s day out), and I keep checking the schools websites, school hours as we all know are the best.

I know spring is a factor for me. Every year of my life I get restless in the spring.

I am thinking of going to a life coach, sounds silly even to me. I feel though that I have lost my rudder, in the sea of life. I had in another time thought stay at home, raise your kids, make life great for them and your spouse. My sanity portion was filled with exercise; running, hockey and curling and it was good. But suddenly I am not having fun. I know it is impossible to be happy and appreciate every second of life, but contentment is a gift that keeps on giving.  So I will continue my quest, looking for that one link that will merge the great parent and great mom into the joy that I can enjoy now and my kid’s memories will talk about.


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