STepping out of the Box


afterthestorm (Photo credit: Kristin Brenemen)

My neighbor says you need to try new things, once a week. So of course I went all crazy…..yesterday and had cream in my coffee. Not sure if that is what she means but it is a start. I actually think she has a point.

Last week I dressed as a mascot and danced around my daughters school, super fun. Not actually that out of my box, perhaps the part where I did not get to speak might have been. I got to do crazy things without actually getting in trouble for them.

A friend of mine was just at a seminar and the idea was to try new activities to create new pathways in your brain. As we all know when you have success, whether it be in your personal life or business you try to repeat it. So then what we do is continue in the same way or at the same thing. Of course that means no new pathways, no stepping out of the box.

Is this just a new way to say Growth at all costs, Never stop learning, perhaps it is.

So have I tried anything new, well I did karaoke for the first time, very badly, and I stayed at a bed and breakfast, new experience but perhaps not pushing my boundaries.

I know someone who says they are not good at delegating, I think her kids would argue the point, but her small idea to get better at this, is asking the grocery dude to carry her groceries.  Perhaps she is just very self-sufficient.

Perhaps none of us, like being bad at anything.  And I am going to try something new soon, really, maybe two creams in the coffee.


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