The Best Thing


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It was morning and Becky could hear lots of noise. She was laying in her bed, she could hear her Dad talking, the shower running and her one sister snoring a tiny, tiny bit. She knew soon it would be time to get up, but she lay there listening to the morning and feeling the warmth of her bed.

Suddenly her Mom came in and said, Let’s get going Becky, get up, get dressed and get a move on. The day is beginning.
Becky sighed, everyone was always in a hurry.
Once dressed, she went downstairs, where all of her sisters were eating cereal, and looking for books and her Mom was directing the chaos. Get your books, your backpack, your lunch, and your shoes and get out the door. Did you forget anything?

Becky liked it to be quiet so she would silently get her book, her coat, her backpack and get ready. With her Mom still saying, Did you forget something? Chop, chop, let’s go.
Climbing into the van, with an array of siblings, there was elbows poking each other in the sides, in the heads and sometimes in the butt. Becky hated that.  And in the background her  Mom  was saying Don’t forget your manners!

At school there was tons of kids, some big, some small, some with long hair, some with no hair. Recess would be’ Don’t forget your coat, hat and your mitts and get out that door.  And again at lunch it would be Don’t forget your juice, remember garbage in the garbage can,  and dessert last. Don’t forget to tidy up.  And don’t forget to get out and get some exercise.

At supper the meal would be delicious, often Becky’s favourite, her Mom was great at that. But after it was, Don’t forget plates in the dishwasher, garbage goes outside, Don’t forget the recyclables.

And at night, there was did you brush your teeth, your hair, did you go pee…, and did you say your prayers. Did you forget anything?

When the Mom was closing the door, Becky would quietly say, Mom did you forget something?  Remember,  the best thing, a hug and a kiss.
Aaahhh….said the Mom,  how could I forget, this? This is what  life  is all about. and then for the first time that day there was no rushing,no hurrying,just the joy and the sweetness of a mother and a daughter being together.


2 comments on “The Best Thing

  1. Jay Rimes says:

    I don’t normally comment but I gotta state thanks for the post on this special one :D.

  2. leona says:

    Thank you. Sometimes it takes your kids to make you pause and enjoy life the way it should be.

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