Birthday Party Gone Bad

Adidas Response Cushion 18 Italiano: Adidas Re...

Adidas Response Cushion 18 Italiano: Adidas Response Cushion 18 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

On the weekend a couple of my daughters went to a birthday party and another to a friend’s house. It was a moment of quiet in what is often a crazy house.

The birthday party girls went for lunch and then to a roller skating rink. They were super excited, made cards took a couple nice gifts, had their hair done nicely (great swirly braids, compliments of moi) and off they went.

The thing is when I went to get them, the one daughter had lost her shoes. I looked and looked. Eventually we had to leave in socks. I left a description and phone # with the manager. They were Adidas running shoes, that we paid TOO much for, considering the girl is not going anywhere in her running career.

That night, the next day, no phone call about the missing shoes. So on a wish and a prayer I drove back, once again looked at all the shoes stacked around the place, asked management, looked in lost and found… shoes. Out of desperation I asked an employee, any chance the shoes could be anywhere else? When he asked “What do they look like?” I showed the identical ones the other girl had on. He bent down and handed me THE SHOES. they had been behind the counter on the floor.  Yippee…..I was so pleased.

What had been an expensive loss had turned into a super find. Still happy about it.

Persistance pays off.


When Do you Know Your Husband is Crazzzzzyyyyy!!!

John Deere tractor.

John Deere tractor. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My husband is actually a sweetie, everyone likes him (Oh wait, there is someone that does not, but that guy is an idiot) they constantly tell me how wonderful he is.  And they are right, he is a great guy.

But he has a problem, he loves tractors. Now that might be okay, if we lived on a farm, an acreage or were ranchers or farmers or had more than 10 feet of grass on our front lawn.  But we live in the CITY, we have no field or crop to put in!

 Honestly we have 3, yes 3 tractors, which stay at my Mom’s and he drives them, maybe a couple  times a year.

I know I love  coffee and coats but small and less costly.  Seriously does he not know some people collect stamps .

 So I guess he is a nice guy that has a small tractor problem, except tractors are NOT small.

John Deere and Case are our friends.


Good Morning….Not

Roasted coffee beans photographed using a macr...

Roasted coffee beans photographed using a macro technique. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am not a morning person, not even a little bit. Might be why I love coffee so much.
I happened to catch a show the other day about more energy. Fellow said have a cooler shower, drink ice water, eat better, do a little yoga( even if it is in the kitchen doing tree while you drink coffee) have coffee in moderation and not the milkshake, pick great  aroma therapy, music and….

So yesterday I tried it. Up early cold shower, ice water, a tiny yoga move, and of course coffee. I took my kid to the dreaded 7 am hockey game, then went for a run with my friends, my best run in ages…
I am giving it a shot today. Anyone with four kids needs more energy…

So far first day was great. Second day also good. Got all of the kids off to school, went for a run, cleaned house, got groceries, made supper (butter chicken and half hour pudding)

Third Day, trying them all still a tiny bit tired….hmmmm

So I looked it up,  aroma therapy, try basil, rosemary, peppermint and tea tree.

Five Yoga moves, try spinal flex/camel ride, arm pumps, ego-eradicator, stretch pose and back platform pose.

Music;  Now I have to admit I am not much of a music person. But today I will try it. Even if it helps a little, all good. I mean I need to do something or do I? Is it energy that is my problem or just the morning? Personally I like to ease into the day, the problem is some members of my household are MORNING PEOPLE!  They are all chatty, make lots of noise and want interaction. 

 Pleassseeeee be quiet!

Stress Test…Really??


TREADMILL TRASH (Photo credit: happy via)

I went for a stress test yesterday, you know the kind where you run on a tread mill with about 16 electrodes stuck all over your body, a blood pressure cuff on your arm. I was running on it thinking I could do this all day long.

And yes luckily for me I can do it all day long. So at the end I had a chat with the doctor, about the test, my health, which by the way is excellent. Thanks for asking.
Of course they have no idea, this is not a stress test!  I mean is that the best they can do??

They should come to my house, have the alarm go off when the numbers still say 6,  a kid not wanting to go to school,a bus  that comes early and then rings the door bell. Does he have a death wish?? It is 7  fricking am. Now everyone is awake, even those who do not need to be.
The next kid is mad about a shirt, still do not know which one (sorry shirt, not kid,) and does not want to eat. The youngest gets up although it is an hour before her time. And me, I just want some quiet and some coffee. Please stop talking!
I make pancakes upon request, then a smoothie upon request. When the next bus comes and again the doorbell rings, the second child wants pancakes. Hey sweetheart your turn is over, you were offered, refused and now your bus is here.  So she leaves unhappy. : (
Then I see the youngest did not drink her smoothie. Uuggghhhh…
But now she wants to look up monster pet on the computer but of course we can not get it to work. I truly felt like crying. Stop asking me to do some many things.
Now that is a stress test, which apparently I failed. So I can take on a doctor and a treadmill but not 4 kids and a morning.
I have been thinking about calling the Dr. and saying you need a new name for your test, Maybe Treadmill Test, Pushing your Heart Test, or Running on a Treadmill hooked up to several machines test, but Stress Test, I do not think so.

Just to let you know that is not actually the photo from my test.

Signs of Spring that make me CRAZY

wellington boots-1114969

wellington boots-1114969 (Photo credit: Jerrold)

Is it spring?
Well we had a snow fall 8 days ago. So of course it is.

I like living in a country where we have different seasons, it gives you an appreciation for all of them. But there is a few things about spring I hate. I hate the following things:

People using their lawn mowers. Why are you starting your lawn mower, your grass is not growing yet? My neighbor who can not be named should have to supply my family with advil and ear plugs.

Birds that sing at 5 am!  Stop singing, why are they so happy.  I do not like happy birds  before 8 am.

Kids who wear a coat to school as it is still chilly and then leave it on the playground as it was nice out. The next morning when once again it is a little chilly,  no jacket.
My neighbors who barbeque and the smell is amazing and taunting us, while we eat grilled cheese.
Your kids bikes get taking out of the shed and you find out they are now too small, the tires are flat and the chain has come off. Then once you get that all fixed, the bikes lay on the lawn everyday.
Your back entry is filled with rubber boots, winter boots, flip flops and soccer shoes. Times that by 4 kids, we need a bigger back entry.

Do not get me wrong, I love spring. I love the air, I love running without frostbite, I love how it smells earthy, and I love revisiting those great spring capris and sandals.
And  of course, I love drinking coffee on the deck .

Earth Day

Earth Day Canada logo

Earth Day Canada logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Is it Earth Day? On our local paper, not a word about it, begs to wonder what the priorities are? Some of our headlines were politicians, tequila and sports. Hmmm..

Now I like my conveniences and nice things as much as every one else, I have no desire to live without running water and without a vehicle or without lattes, go figure. But what I do not get is advocates who carry on about saving the earth but own two houses, a huge SUV, and fly to destination holidays or board a plane to a protest.

It is like the vegans who wear leather or the fitness exerciser who park as close as possible to the gym door or moms who claim to only feed their kids healthy fair while they are drinking their slurpees.

It is tough. In our world it is hard to not drive, tough to not use electricity and almost impossible to not purchase stuff. But a bit of restraint might be called for. It is a terrible world when we prostitute the earth for a new cell phone.

But what can WE do? 

 Here are a few small ideas. Quit using so much water, shower shorter, stop watering your lawn all the time, get a rain barrel, and fix the leaky toilets.

Walk and Ride your Bike More. Make your kids walk to school, heaven forbid they might get some exercise.

Recycle. I think this is a good idea. Although why are companies allowed to use so much PACKAGING!!

Compost. I think this is great, although the idea of having a smorgasborg in my yard for mice, creeps me out.

And as your Dad said, Shut off the lights!! Once again, the parents are always right.

And isn’t it kinda odd that earth day is one day, should we not have earth month or earth year?



Hairdresser (Photo credit: Grumbler %-|)

So you go to the hairdressers with your split ends and bangs in your eyes, you get the nice cup of tea, the shampoo with the head massage and the lovely chair. The stylist chats you up, does a little snip, snip and a little chat, chat, a little blow drying and a little straightening. And wow, you look amazing!

So if you have any sense you run out quickly and get a passport photo and a drivers  picture taken right away. Not that the guy in security at the airport will ever recognize you ever, but dam that passport looks great!

The thing is when I get home, even though I have been given instructions in several different languages, english, stylists lingo and tom boy step by step dialect, it never quite looks the same. Why!!!  I think you should get one free touch up class/appt where you do it and they instruct (grimace) you.  That might help.

I have found another trick. I come home, after the passport office and drivers stop, and take a pic on my phone or camera. That way when my hair looks like ass, I can show someone with more talent, and get some help.

So is it really that stylists are so….talented? Or I so …..untalented?  Personally I think my hair just does not listen, I just have some back talking hair. Hair with a little sass and personality! Might just fit the owner.