Running a Sweat Shop


IMG_1021 (Photo credit: golden_toque)

That’s it, I am done. Any kid that can run a Wii, play angry birds, and start up a computer has now received a promotion in this company. That is right. It is chore time!!!

I have come to the conclusion there is no need for me to work this hard. My kids are manning up. I have now given up making lunches, I buy the groceries, you make your own lunch. I make the supper, you load the dishwasher, clean the table, and wash the pots and pans. Take out the recyling and the garbage.

Housecleaning, let’s divide and conquer. Give those kids some Norwex cloths and let them clean. No, it is not perfect but they will get better. Practise makes perfect. A little vinegar in a spray bottle gets the job done.

Laundry, I put up some visuals  to use as a guide,  so get cracking.

I read an article about the good that comes from kids doing chores, now truly I do not remember the real reason, but I am sure it is good for them.

My top reasons are:

1. I do not have to do it.

2. My job is to turn them into independent adults, not pampered princesses.

3. It gives them something to do.

4. It turns them into better husbands/wives.

5.It is the reward for fighting.

And once again….I do not have to do it.


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