Mothers Day


jkklglh (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It is right around the corner, I know you might be one of those people who think No, it is weeks away, trust me it is not.
Since I have become a mom, I appreciate my mom so much more. She had twice as many children as myself, way less conveniences and way more work.
She made homemade everything, I personally would not eat store made pies as a kid, turned my nose up at store bread and had never had a tv dinner until well into adult hood. She also helped with homework and came to watch the majority of my sporting events.
And now as a senior, she still looks after 30 head of cattle, drives a tractor, towing a cultivator or baler. She will also pick rocks by hand. A job I hate.
She also bowls a couple of times a week, she has tons of friends, does not complain and is generally just nice to people. I so admire her.
Now often with Mothers Day approaching, kids are thinking what can I get my Mom? Well I in the past have purchased a hoe for the garden, new rubber boots or a case of Snickers chocolate bars. As my Mom says, What do I need? Consumables. I know often wives get excited, angry, downright furious when their husbands do not show up with a gift. I do not get this, whose mother are they? Or my brothers often spend mothers day with their wife and not their Mom, say what?

For Mothers Day we used to go in a famous road race in our town. But I have since squashed that, I want to sleep in, have a great cup of coffee and have a nice bbq. Or hit the slopes and go skiing. All super fun.
I like the idea of Mothers Day, but as a Mom, when your kids say thank you and please and hand out hugs, when they are way too old for that, it makes everyday Mothers day.

Every time we get to celebrate one more Mothers Day, life is good. 

 Happy Mothers Day Mom!!


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