Hairdresser (Photo credit: Grumbler %-|)

So you go to the hairdressers with your split ends and bangs in your eyes, you get the nice cup of tea, the shampoo with the head massage and the lovely chair. The stylist chats you up, does a little snip, snip and a little chat, chat, a little blow drying and a little straightening. And wow, you look amazing!

So if you have any sense you run out quickly and get a passport photo and a drivers  picture taken right away. Not that the guy in security at the airport will ever recognize you ever, but dam that passport looks great!

The thing is when I get home, even though I have been given instructions in several different languages, english, stylists lingo and tom boy step by step dialect, it never quite looks the same. Why!!!  I think you should get one free touch up class/appt where you do it and they instruct (grimace) you.  That might help.

I have found another trick. I come home, after the passport office and drivers stop, and take a pic on my phone or camera. That way when my hair looks like ass, I can show someone with more talent, and get some help.

So is it really that stylists are so….talented? Or I so …..untalented?  Personally I think my hair just does not listen, I just have some back talking hair. Hair with a little sass and personality! Might just fit the owner.


2 comments on “Hair

  1. Lol! Too funny! I’m going to have to schedule an appointment for my new license now.

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