Earth Day

Earth Day Canada logo

Earth Day Canada logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Is it Earth Day? On our local paper, not a word about it, begs to wonder what the priorities are? Some of our headlines were politicians, tequila and sports. Hmmm..

Now I like my conveniences and nice things as much as every one else, I have no desire to live without running water and without a vehicle or without lattes, go figure. But what I do not get is advocates who carry on about saving the earth but own two houses, a huge SUV, and fly to destination holidays or board a plane to a protest.

It is like the vegans who wear leather or the fitness exerciser who park as close as possible to the gym door or moms who claim to only feed their kids healthy fair while they are drinking their slurpees.

It is tough. In our world it is hard to not drive, tough to not use electricity and almost impossible to not purchase stuff. But a bit of restraint might be called for. It is a terrible world when we prostitute the earth for a new cell phone.

But what can WE do? 

 Here are a few small ideas. Quit using so much water, shower shorter, stop watering your lawn all the time, get a rain barrel, and fix the leaky toilets.

Walk and Ride your Bike More. Make your kids walk to school, heaven forbid they might get some exercise.

Recycle. I think this is a good idea. Although why are companies allowed to use so much PACKAGING!!

Compost. I think this is great, although the idea of having a smorgasborg in my yard for mice, creeps me out.

And as your Dad said, Shut off the lights!! Once again, the parents are always right.

And isn’t it kinda odd that earth day is one day, should we not have earth month or earth year?


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