Signs of Spring that make me CRAZY

wellington boots-1114969

wellington boots-1114969 (Photo credit: Jerrold)

Is it spring?
Well we had a snow fall 8 days ago. So of course it is.

I like living in a country where we have different seasons, it gives you an appreciation for all of them. But there is a few things about spring I hate. I hate the following things:

People using their lawn mowers. Why are you starting your lawn mower, your grass is not growing yet? My neighbor who can not be named should have to supply my family with advil and ear plugs.

Birds that sing at 5 am!  Stop singing, why are they so happy.  I do not like happy birds  before 8 am.

Kids who wear a coat to school as it is still chilly and then leave it on the playground as it was nice out. The next morning when once again it is a little chilly,  no jacket.
My neighbors who barbeque and the smell is amazing and taunting us, while we eat grilled cheese.
Your kids bikes get taking out of the shed and you find out they are now too small, the tires are flat and the chain has come off. Then once you get that all fixed, the bikes lay on the lawn everyday.
Your back entry is filled with rubber boots, winter boots, flip flops and soccer shoes. Times that by 4 kids, we need a bigger back entry.

Do not get me wrong, I love spring. I love the air, I love running without frostbite, I love how it smells earthy, and I love revisiting those great spring capris and sandals.
And  of course, I love drinking coffee on the deck .


2 comments on “Signs of Spring that make me CRAZY

  1. twainausten says:

    You must live in the prairies where winter comes not once, but all year long. Been there, done that. As for the mudroom, I hear ya…four kids means a LOT of shoes. I miss my Martha Stewart mudroom from our last home. Now it’s a 3×3 space. But with spring comes thinner jackets and flip flops: more space!

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