Stress Test…Really??


TREADMILL TRASH (Photo credit: happy via)

I went for a stress test yesterday, you know the kind where you run on a tread mill with about 16 electrodes stuck all over your body, a blood pressure cuff on your arm. I was running on it thinking I could do this all day long.

And yes luckily for me I can do it all day long. So at the end I had a chat with the doctor, about the test, my health, which by the way is excellent. Thanks for asking.
Of course they have no idea, this is not a stress test!  I mean is that the best they can do??

They should come to my house, have the alarm go off when the numbers still say 6,  a kid not wanting to go to school,a bus  that comes early and then rings the door bell. Does he have a death wish?? It is 7  fricking am. Now everyone is awake, even those who do not need to be.
The next kid is mad about a shirt, still do not know which one (sorry shirt, not kid,) and does not want to eat. The youngest gets up although it is an hour before her time. And me, I just want some quiet and some coffee. Please stop talking!
I make pancakes upon request, then a smoothie upon request. When the next bus comes and again the doorbell rings, the second child wants pancakes. Hey sweetheart your turn is over, you were offered, refused and now your bus is here.  So she leaves unhappy. : (
Then I see the youngest did not drink her smoothie. Uuggghhhh…
But now she wants to look up monster pet on the computer but of course we can not get it to work. I truly felt like crying. Stop asking me to do some many things.
Now that is a stress test, which apparently I failed. So I can take on a doctor and a treadmill but not 4 kids and a morning.
I have been thinking about calling the Dr. and saying you need a new name for your test, Maybe Treadmill Test, Pushing your Heart Test, or Running on a Treadmill hooked up to several machines test, but Stress Test, I do not think so.

Just to let you know that is not actually the photo from my test.


2 comments on “Stress Test…Really??

  1. Momtactics says:

    This is so true! I only have 2 kids, so I cannot even imagine your mornings! The stress test in comparison is a day at the spa!

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