When Do you Know Your Husband is Crazzzzzyyyyy!!!

John Deere tractor.

John Deere tractor. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My husband is actually a sweetie, everyone likes him (Oh wait, there is someone that does not, but that guy is an idiot) they constantly tell me how wonderful he is.  And they are right, he is a great guy.

But he has a problem, he loves tractors. Now that might be okay, if we lived on a farm, an acreage or were ranchers or farmers or had more than 10 feet of grass on our front lawn.  But we live in the CITY, we have no field or crop to put in!

 Honestly we have 3, yes 3 tractors, which stay at my Mom’s and he drives them, maybe a couple  times a year.

I know I love  coffee and coats but small and less costly.  Seriously does he not know some people collect stamps .

 So I guess he is a nice guy that has a small tractor problem, except tractors are NOT small.

John Deere and Case are our friends.



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