Birthday Party Gone Bad

Adidas Response Cushion 18 Italiano: Adidas Re...

Adidas Response Cushion 18 Italiano: Adidas Response Cushion 18 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

On the weekend a couple of my daughters went to a birthday party and another to a friend’s house. It was a moment of quiet in what is often a crazy house.

The birthday party girls went for lunch and then to a roller skating rink. They were super excited, made cards took a couple nice gifts, had their hair done nicely (great swirly braids, compliments of moi) and off they went.

The thing is when I went to get them, the one daughter had lost her shoes. I looked and looked. Eventually we had to leave in socks. I left a description and phone # with the manager. They were Adidas running shoes, that we paid TOO much for, considering the girl is not going anywhere in her running career.

That night, the next day, no phone call about the missing shoes. So on a wish and a prayer I drove back, once again looked at all the shoes stacked around the place, asked management, looked in lost and found… shoes. Out of desperation I asked an employee, any chance the shoes could be anywhere else? When he asked “What do they look like?” I showed the identical ones the other girl had on. He bent down and handed me THE SHOES. they had been behind the counter on the floor.  Yippee…..I was so pleased.

What had been an expensive loss had turned into a super find. Still happy about it.

Persistance pays off.


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