Lies (Photo credit: tq2cute)

I realized yesterday I lie all of the time. Now it is not huge whooper lies but apparently I am Pinocchio all over again.
Lie # 1. My husband was at home later  in the morning than usual yesterday. After a bit he says Sorry I guess I am in your way. I replied without even an eye twitch.
Oh, honey, it is fine.
Who are we kidding here? He was totally in the way. he was messing up our daily routine and in our way. REALLY GET OUT OF MY KITCHEN.
I asked my one daughter “Are you dressed yet?” She replies, Mom I already told you I was. So Lie #2 is Oh yes, I just wanted to know if everything was okay. WHO ARE WE FOOLING!! Get up, get dressed and get to school.
Daughter # 2 wants a different shirt, I have no idea where it is, at all. But I say Rats, I just put your shirt in the wash, it is still wet, you will have to wear something else. All said with a smile. WHAT! How about it is 7 am, you should have looked for your shirt last night!

I go running with a friend, which was awesome. But I was getting a little tired, so spoke up and said, I need to fix my shoe. THERE WAS NOTHING WRONG WITH MY SHOE! I was just tired and lying, again.

AT supper a kid spills spaghetti sauce all over her shirt, starts crying. I say, Don’t worry I can wash that out.  Another lie, it will probably stain and I will either spend a gazillion dollars of stain removers or just throw the shirt away.

There was also the never-ending lie I will be right there! In a Minute! Just a SEC!
So is lying okay when you are a Mom? I think so. I also think it makes for a better world.
Let’s face it, I do not care what shirt you wear to school as long as your body parts are covered, it will not hurt you to wait for 5 minutes, and spaghetti sauce is not worth crying about.
So I am just going to keep on lying my face off, with the reasoning it makes everyone HAPPIER! And obviously I am getting pretty good at it, unless OMG everyone else is also lying!!


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