Bruises and Bumps Sponsored by Elastoplast

Band-Aid Braille

Band-Aid Braille (Photo credit: BWJones)

So what starts out as an ordinary few days does not finish that way. My youngest # 4, began the weekend looking like a sweetheart, with a few freckles across the nose and a swinging ponytail, but that soon changed.

I think the first crash was dashing through a small trail in a wooded area. A tree root was just high enough to trip up a youngster and down she went, wearing shorts of course. Her knees were smacked up.

Next was a wedding dance gone wrong. Someone pushes someone who then crashes into of course our kid. She hit the floor pretty hard and the tears were flying. A skin to the head was a result .

So some sleep and ice were required.

Up and at it the next morning. Girl takes a spill over a concrete parking barrier. Smacks up her knees and hands on the gravel and worse spills her candies. More ice, more band aids.

Next up….a spill off the monkey bars.

Next…..a lip pinched in a Polly Pocket car, I do not even know how this was possible.

Next….a arm scrap from a tray used for tea play time.

Next…a crash on the tarmac at school causing bleeding elbows.

And somewhere along the line this poor girl ended up with a bit of a swollen eye, from which incidence I can barely begin to guess.

Growth spurt, perhaps? Tired, perhaps? Bad Luck, definitely.

So we hope to begin a new day without the theme song Stuck on Band aids because Band aids Stuck on Me!!!


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