Schools Out for Summer!!

Technology Map - Tutornet

Technology Map – Tutornet (Photo credit: steven w)

Yes, school is out for summer. Those glorious days of no planned activities, lazying about and enjoying life.

Well a few years ago that is exactly what we had planned, nothing, and it was a capital M…Mistake. It sounds great but what happened was lots of bickering and fighting between the masses.  By the end of the season I was almost leaving some offspring in Walmart, yes I know very funny. Except it was NOT.

So now every year we have a week or so of easing into summer, sleeping in, playing and watching a little tv. But now I book a few camps. One child is doing 2 weeks of swim camp, a couple others 2 weeks of a daycamp with great fun activties, we have a week of power skating, a week of job training and 3 weddings to attend. We are also going to the lake, several times, the amusement park lots and going to sleep in the backyard. Oh yes, we are hitting the driving range (my choice), ohhh batting cages (my choice)  and Mac’s for a slurpee(kids choice) and making perogies.  We also plan to do a week at the farm, that is always fun. You know safe fun, riding in the back of a pick up, horse back riding, throwing rocks, and holding baby kittens.

I like the idea of loosey goosey but it does not play out for continous happiness. Sometimes we all need a bit of a plan or schedule, the trick is not to wait too long or else it is all booked up by Moms like me who have learnt the hard way.


How Do They Do IT!!


Housewife (Photo credit: garryknight)

Generally I am a stay at home MOM, or Domestic Goddess as I like to say.  But this week for a “stepping out of the box “moment I am working. That’s right you got it, working in an office. So it is kinda cool, to get up, dress nice and do your hair. It is nice to challenge your brain just a bit with invoices and files and to talk to new and different people.

Now I realize there is a lot of parents who do this 40 hours a week, every week, but how?  Honestly I found my entire Sunday was spent cooking preparing for the week’s meals, I miss exercising so much, that I walk on my lunch break and once home find myself hugging my kids and trying to hand out quality attention in such a short time. Last night I even set a timer for half an hour and allotted each child with that much time,that I would do what they wanted.  FYI, for one we played school, made a craft that she thought of, another had me help her with her nails and do her hair, another wanted to play Uno, and another talk about a final exam, all great. I think they liked having the choice. But there was still laundry, some tidying and a few household business items to do. There was no down time. I realized any “ME” time was the time at work.

There is no better choice, stay at home or work, it is just what is a better choice for you. So my congratulations goes out to moms who do that every day, all day without fail.

You are amazing!



The Sweetest Thing

Math Dances

Math Dances (Photo credit: Dylan231)

School is on its way out!! That’s right just a day or two more and all of my crew are off for the summer. The crazy thing is that they are not in the same schools or even the same systems so everyone has a different schedule. So gradually we have been having backpacks come home bulging with half used supplies, projects and yech! leftover lunches!!!

But my youngest brings home a package yesterday that is all wrapped up so sweetly. When we open it, there is a string that is the height she was the first day of school, a hand drawn picture of her and I and a photo that the teacher had taken. The string was now several inches short, and when I saw it realized, it is  the gift that gives you the hot brownie fudge melting inside your heart. It was an adorable idea from a teacher, an idea that probably took an entire class to implement. Often at schools I have seen many enrichment programs going on, that I wondered “when are they teaching math”, but this is an idea I really appreciate.

So thank you, Mrs. C!


Grocery Shopping, a necessary evil. We all spend hours pushing our cart around those stores, loading them up and worse, carrying them into the house and unloading.  Not sure if you know but there are lots of different kinds  of shopping trips.

The drive by: rush to the store for milk, bread and a bag of apples. You are in and out in ten minutes. It is a shop of small necessities.

The Stop Gap: Spend at least half an hour in store, buy more milk, bread and enough essentials to last the week, makes it possible to survive school lunches till Friday.

The Filler: This is just a delaying tactic. You know you need to go in for the big kill but do not have the time.  You take your list but basically do not follow it, kinda make it up as you go. You grab one of those silly baskets because you do not want to overshop and what happens, you still do.   You fill  it up , you push milk jugs with your foot closer to the till, you have your arms full of boxes and the basket is stuffed. The 12 or less items is closed to you, you start dropping items, and of course you keep seeing something else you absolutely need!

The Mother Lode: You got it Pontiac! It is the half day, two cart grocery shop.  No grocery list necessary you need everything. You buy something off every aisle,

New Orleans: Interior of grocery store in Espl...

New Orleans: Interior of grocery store in Esplanade Ridge/St. John neighborhood (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

, in fact sometimes you buy two. You want this shop to last, cereals, sure let’s take 2 boxes of each family favourite, soup, yep buy a case, toilet paper, paper towels, get their own cart, in fact anything that does not perish is bought in multiples. You become the lady that no one wants to get behind in the line up, that tellers start a poll on how many children you actually have,  and the one who has to pull out a GOLD ViSA to leave the store.  This is the shop that is suppose to last for ages, well until the next week, when you are sneaking out to do a drive by, again and again and again.

Tom Boy vs The Princess

From Paris to Mania by way of Marseille.

From Paris to Mania by way of Marseille. (Photo credit: Felix_Nine)

How did it happen? Me, the tom boy extraordinaire has a Princess Crazy Daughter.
Lets face it I have in my lifetime spent less time on my hair, make-up (that means mascara to me) and clothing choices than my youngest daughter.
This morning for instance, it is a dilemma to choose which shirt goes best with her shorts. They are blue jean shorts,  for heaven’s sake, everything goes with them.

Then her hair, which she asked to be french braided. No problem, I can whip off french braids in seconds. And yes I know that goes against Tom Boy Code, but it is a genetic flaw. It turns out she wants regular braids, now they need to be tied up to the top of the braid in a circle(and no not the Starwars Princess Lea braids, that is some male nerdy sexual idea, I digress). But wait that is not quite right. Are you kidding me??
I can do french braids, rolls and cute buns, but stop changing it. You are going to school doing the monkey bars all day and apparently primping in the washroom.
I like cuteness, honestly wear a dress once in a while, put on mascara everyday and own a straightener and hair products but lets face it I am a Tom Boy or if being generous, maybe Sporty Spice.
Love shopping at sport chek, love getting sporting gear as a gift and actually like baking. But can get ready in a minute, do not own glitz and prefer flats over stilettos.

Now my daughter saw a pair of orthotics and was excited because they looked like high heels.  Orthotics!  Lordy, lordy. So when it comes to nurture over nature how does this happen. I try not react to this crazy demands, what is SOOOO important to her, is not so much to me.

I suppose the good thing is, one day I will dress better, for in fact I will have my own fashion consultant!