Grocery Shopping, a necessary evil. We all spend hours pushing our cart around those stores, loading them up and worse, carrying them into the house and unloading.  Not sure if you know but there are lots of different kinds  of shopping trips.

The drive by: rush to the store for milk, bread and a bag of apples. You are in and out in ten minutes. It is a shop of small necessities.

The Stop Gap: Spend at least half an hour in store, buy more milk, bread and enough essentials to last the week, makes it possible to survive school lunches till Friday.

The Filler: This is just a delaying tactic. You know you need to go in for the big kill but do not have the time.  You take your list but basically do not follow it, kinda make it up as you go. You grab one of those silly baskets because you do not want to overshop and what happens, you still do.   You fill  it up , you push milk jugs with your foot closer to the till, you have your arms full of boxes and the basket is stuffed. The 12 or less items is closed to you, you start dropping items, and of course you keep seeing something else you absolutely need!

The Mother Lode: You got it Pontiac! It is the half day, two cart grocery shop.  No grocery list necessary you need everything. You buy something off every aisle,

New Orleans: Interior of grocery store in Espl...

New Orleans: Interior of grocery store in Esplanade Ridge/St. John neighborhood (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

, in fact sometimes you buy two. You want this shop to last, cereals, sure let’s take 2 boxes of each family favourite, soup, yep buy a case, toilet paper, paper towels, get their own cart, in fact anything that does not perish is bought in multiples. You become the lady that no one wants to get behind in the line up, that tellers start a poll on how many children you actually have,  and the one who has to pull out a GOLD ViSA to leave the store.  This is the shop that is suppose to last for ages, well until the next week, when you are sneaking out to do a drive by, again and again and again.


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