The Sweetest Thing

Math Dances

Math Dances (Photo credit: Dylan231)

School is on its way out!! That’s right just a day or two more and all of my crew are off for the summer. The crazy thing is that they are not in the same schools or even the same systems so everyone has a different schedule. So gradually we have been having backpacks come home bulging with half used supplies, projects and yech! leftover lunches!!!

But my youngest brings home a package yesterday that is all wrapped up so sweetly. When we open it, there is a string that is the height she was the first day of school, a hand drawn picture of her and I and a photo that the teacher had taken. The string was now several inches short, and when I saw it realized, it is  the gift that gives you the hot brownie fudge melting inside your heart. It was an adorable idea from a teacher, an idea that probably took an entire class to implement. Often at schools I have seen many enrichment programs going on, that I wondered “when are they teaching math”, but this is an idea I really appreciate.

So thank you, Mrs. C!


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