How Do They Do IT!!


Housewife (Photo credit: garryknight)

Generally I am a stay at home MOM, or Domestic Goddess as I like to say.  But this week for a “stepping out of the box “moment I am working. That’s right you got it, working in an office. So it is kinda cool, to get up, dress nice and do your hair. It is nice to challenge your brain just a bit with invoices and files and to talk to new and different people.

Now I realize there is a lot of parents who do this 40 hours a week, every week, but how?  Honestly I found my entire Sunday was spent cooking preparing for the week’s meals, I miss exercising so much, that I walk on my lunch break and once home find myself hugging my kids and trying to hand out quality attention in such a short time. Last night I even set a timer for half an hour and allotted each child with that much time,that I would do what they wanted.  FYI, for one we played school, made a craft that she thought of, another had me help her with her nails and do her hair, another wanted to play Uno, and another talk about a final exam, all great. I think they liked having the choice. But there was still laundry, some tidying and a few household business items to do. There was no down time. I realized any “ME” time was the time at work.

There is no better choice, stay at home or work, it is just what is a better choice for you. So my congratulations goes out to moms who do that every day, all day without fail.

You are amazing!




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