Schools Out for Summer!!

Technology Map - Tutornet

Technology Map – Tutornet (Photo credit: steven w)

Yes, school is out for summer. Those glorious days of no planned activities, lazying about and enjoying life.

Well a few years ago that is exactly what we had planned, nothing, and it was a capital M…Mistake. It sounds great but what happened was lots of bickering and fighting between the masses.  By the end of the season I was almost leaving some offspring in Walmart, yes I know very funny. Except it was NOT.

So now every year we have a week or so of easing into summer, sleeping in, playing and watching a little tv. But now I book a few camps. One child is doing 2 weeks of swim camp, a couple others 2 weeks of a daycamp with great fun activties, we have a week of power skating, a week of job training and 3 weddings to attend. We are also going to the lake, several times, the amusement park lots and going to sleep in the backyard. Oh yes, we are hitting the driving range (my choice), ohhh batting cages (my choice)  and Mac’s for a slurpee(kids choice) and making perogies.  We also plan to do a week at the farm, that is always fun. You know safe fun, riding in the back of a pick up, horse back riding, throwing rocks, and holding baby kittens.

I like the idea of loosey goosey but it does not play out for continous happiness. Sometimes we all need a bit of a plan or schedule, the trick is not to wait too long or else it is all booked up by Moms like me who have learnt the hard way.


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