Making Me HAPPY !!

Running (Evermore song)

Running (Evermore song) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yes I know once again ALL ABOUT ME! Well recently I did a stint in an office. Trying something new.

What it has done was to make me grateful for the many lovely things i have in my life.
1. I now appreciate being outside, part of the day, all of the day ,  just being out one with nature and all of it glory.
2. Being with my kids; gosh I know, very corny, but if you work to 5, get home at 5:30 and kids go to bed at 8, very limited interaction.
3. Exercise; I love fitness. So even though I am walking at lunch and do pilates at the photocopier, it is not the same. I have not had a great run or sporting event in days. I miss it.
4. A tidy house; no I am not an A personality or a drill sargeant about cleanliness, but a tidy house makes me happy.
5. Grocery Shopping During the Week; Shopping on the weekend is chaos, you need a full set of body armour just to get down the aisles. No loitering allowed.
6. Prep-time for Supper: So yes I pre-made meals for the week, but it is pretty hard to have fresh nann bread or delicious gravy if you need to eat right  now.

7. Reading the newspaper: I usually read the paper, maybe do the crossword, but now have no time. And although I often scoff at it and critique it, still miss that.

So the thing is I need the outdoors, exercise and some household order for me to be at my best. Life is short, do it right. Enjoy!!!


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