Raining raining,raining and raining……

Umbrella with raindrops

Umbrella with raindrops (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It is raining like crazy where I live….the hard downpour kind that has you rushing from your car to your house or the store. The kind that can destroy the perfectly straightened hair right from the iron, the kind that makes you realize, that no you did not clean out your gutters and the kind that makes you stay inside. Personally I like rain and I admire nasty weather. It is nature having a temper tantrum.  I feel like regardless of the progress in the world and our cushy life made easy by inventions, the weather can bring everything to a halt.
Rainy days to me, feel like a day off. It gives you permission to bake glorious cookies and loafs, permission to watch tv, read a steamy novel and to not exercise. It is suddenly okay to be a coach potato and to eat comfort food in your fuzzy clothes.  When the sun is out, it seems a waste if you are not basking in its warmth, soaking up that Vitamin D, it is a shame to not seize the day. But with rain, if you go out for a walk, or go running, people either admire you, well or think you are nuts.
So tonight I am making white chocolate blueberry scones and watching trash  television! Bring on the Bachelor!!  Let it Rain!


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