Amazing Amanda…You DiD WHAT!

Amanda (Boston song)

Amanda (Boston song) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In society these days you are often admired if you are ougoing, smile a lot and super confident. But is that always the best way?

My niece recently got married and she has always been shy, quiet and reserved. Honestly when she was little she would not go to a birthday party without her mom, she would voice no opinion on what she wanted to do or what she wanted to eat. She would barely speak to people she even knew.

Then somewhere along the way, something changed. She says university helped, I say she just became herself, only more so. I realized that with being quiet, she was observing and learning. She was quietly acquiring skills that are amazing. She has become the best gift giver, the best cupcake maker, the kindest with children, the most organized, super great at decorating and does the most amazing hair.  Now if I was good at all of those things you would know. I would tell everyone, perhaps be what you might say BRAGGY. But when I see Amanda I realize there is two ways to do everything, my way….big, bold and bossy or hers, quiet, effective and efficient.

So because of her, I look at the quiet group with a different light and realize that often that softer might often be better.

Congratulations Amanda!!


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