Friendship Bragging

Nepal - Sagamartha Trek - 194 - EBC Malaysian ...

Nepal – Sagamartha Trek – 194 – EBC Malaysian Support & Research Team (Photo credit: mckaysavage)

Great friends are a gift, the gift that is practical and sweet at the same time. So Perfect in fact. I am heading to a friend’s tonight for a glass of wine and great conversation.
So as I have matured I am able to brag about her without the envy that I in the past I would have certainly  had. My friend went to Nepal and hiked to base camp in the spring. So cool. I am very proud of her. Of course I did have a tiny bit of “oh I wish I could have done that”, well until I saw the conditions she slept in. And I did not get to ask her if they had coffee, might have been a deal breaker for me.
So what I want to say is “Good Job Hol! I am so happy for you and proud that you were able to do it” Plus also after she does the debriefing tonight I can use all of her stories without having to do the work!! Glory by association!!

The best of both worlds!!


One comment on “Friendship Bragging

  1. Ha ha – funny how we learn not to be envious of our friends when we get older. It’s nice to just be able to be happy for them, isn’t it?

    Oh, and I have been to Nepal too! I didn’t do any summits though. It was a school trip when I was in high school (I grew up in south east asia). While it’s a beautiful country and the people are so very kind, I was sick as a dog when we got home, so I dare say you didn’t miss out TOO much – ha!!!

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