Yummy mummies Club WTH!!!

I know say WHAT! Okay seriously there is such a group. Now I am kinda confused, did someone give you that name or did you  knight yourselves that?
And what happens when you become not so yummy, can you still be in the club? Does someone say whoops you gained 10 lbs, you are out. Or whoops, get a new  hair do or get out?? I am a little confused and bewildered here.

I am going to start a club called the Exhausted Slaves or Pooped Parents or Big Tummy Mummies or What the Hell have I done with my life club! Requirements will be addiction to coffee, a closet full of going out clothes you never get to wear, and that look of fatigue on your face that never leaves. Oh yes and the badge of baby love on your shoulder that you have worn out in public.

All members will be required to be actually nice, supportive and not judgy! You will give tips on how to get more sleep, make your children your slaves, how to carry two car seats, your coffee and open a store door by yourself, and how to have okay hair with the least amount of time. Members will also be required to share baby sitter numbers, not hoard them.And you will have permission to not be yummy!!

Okay to be fair I am going to look this group up. Of course I am conflicted as I do not want to give them any publicity. Maybe I am being judgy, and they perhaps raise funds for special needs groups or volunteer with seniors. Maybe…..

XOXO with Love from this Princess Troll Mom

All right checked it out, looks good, some actually deep content on this site. But you SERIOUSLY  need a new name! 

Yummy Yummy Yummy

Yummy Yummy Yummy (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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