When I rule the world..Princess Leona and the Four Trolls!!

Couldn't possibly comment

Couldn’t possibly comment (Photo credit: Terry Madeley)

When I rule the world I am making some changes, you got it sister, changes.
School will get out 2 weeks earlier, those organized fun days can be run by the parents at home. And yes that means I and my family get to sleep in two weeks earlier.

Less Packaging; Forget all the recycling, lets call out the businesses who put so much plastic and so many screws to keep a toy in place and have that changed.
Nice people: All of the cranky people will be made to go to “Nice School” where they learn what to say and what NOT to say.
Green Front Lawns: They will be banned. It scares me to think how many chemicals and how much water is used to make lawns look green, when in fact they are anything but…. plant some frickin vegetables instead. Also what if cities planted potatoes for the food bank in that boulevard space of grass.  A win/win I think.
Dumb Law Suits: Excuse me, if you can not figure out, that you should NOT iron your shirt while wearing it, come on. Or if you can not see that an  exersaucer should NOT be used as a sled or water device,  REALLY!

Fake Competitive People: You know the people who say ” I am not competitive”, well maybe not about sports, but what about look how many  friends I have,  or your I am such a good mom, I just so love my kids so much, they are my life,helicopter, helicopter, or Oh, look at me I only feed my kids organic foods and homemade everything, or the Oh, it only comes in a size 2, I need a zero. Are you frickin kidding me, don’t bullshit a bullshitter.
People who are sooooo Busy or Soooo Tired; how about do not sign up for so many things, and start drinking coffee. Oh wait, that might be me.

Builders will be required to put solar panels on house roofs and automotive manufacturers will be required to make  a  car starter that is hooked to a breathalyzer.

Hygenists will stop treating grown adults like kids about flossing.  The person gets it, they just do not want to do it.

Family Rates; when it says family rate  they include all of your kids, not the fine print that says 2 adults, 2 children, hello all four of these are mine, they are my family.

Doctors will be treated better. And then they will be on time, and have a magazine at least one from this year in the waiting (whoops, reception) room.

Businesses will shut off the lights. I am pretty sure there is no one working in your office from 11 pm-5 am. So save some energy and shut off the lights, please. Let my children see the stars.

Businesses that have xmas wrapping paper in their store in August.  Yes, I saw some this week.

Oh My, see what happens when I give up coffee!!!!…

I might need to change my blog name to The Princess and the Four Trolls, perhaps I will not have a democratic vote on that.

xoxo  Princess/Troll Leona


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