Using that BLOODY wishbone exercise machine!!!

Thigh Burns Rock!

Thigh Burns Rock! (Photo credit: spencerpaulc)

I have this illusion that I am fit.

I mean I run, curl, play hockey, soccer , badminton, and  love to ski. All for fun but I think the side benefit is some level of fitness.
But hey, it does not always guarantee it.

First a problem with my knee, a little sore  on the outside and not so bendy, turns out my outer thigh is stronger than my inner! Solution is to stretch my i t band, use that bloody styrofoam roller and strengthen my inner thigh. So yes I am the person on the wishbone exercise machine working her inner thighs. I have ALWAYS mocked everyone on there, and made sexual innuendos about using that machine. Now I sheepishly am the “open for business” chick on there. I feel that they could stick some stirrups on it and you could do your physical at the same time..Woohooo!!!

Now second problem, turns out if you play hockey and fall with your arm fully extended, BAM, your shoulder will dislocate, And holy Mother of God, does that make you scream like a baby girl. So apparently my rotator cuff is a tad weak, at this time. So instead of playing hockey and running I presently am doing small incremental exercises with a blue elastic band tied to my railing. Good news, I will get better and I will be back at hockey and I will from now on tuck, drop and roll. My arms are staying close to me.

It has made me realize a large portion of my life is SPORTS!!! Oh how I miss thee.


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