Not the R word!

English: New Years Eve at Hallgrímskirkja Reyk...

English: New Years Eve at Hallgrímskirkja Reykjavik (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Resolutions, I do not actually believe in them. Seriously how much improvement do we all need. Are you really that much of a mess? Come on….. Besides I have a theory that the top resolutions are: lose weight, quit smoking and be more fit. No pressure though, lets start the year with enthusiasm or is that  delusion. It is probably because most are made on New Years Eve with a little help from a brewski or two.

So I do not make any but then my friend Liz, has messed that up. She has decided to floss every day, be more polite, only drink beverages (the good ones) on Wed, Fri and Sat. and do yoga every week. Not bad, actually doable. Much better than my exercise less and gain weight.
Now another friend Tara has a great big jar in which she will put her appreciation notes in. You know the kind of thing, a great run, that cold sunny day, your childs belly laugh, and a big fat hug from kids. Chatting with genuine friends, accomplishing tasks, clean sheets, and the greatness of life.
So although I do not believe in resolutions, I have found some good ones.

Of course first a mock resolutions and then I steal  resolutions. Perhaps mine should be: stop being judgy, and be honest. Naawww….next I will be giving up coffee.


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