The Wall

It was on her third birthday when Mandy received the biggest most amazing artist kit. It had everything in it, pastels, coloured pencils and markers. There was  sparkly paper, lined paper and paper without any thing at all. It was an artist dream. And because of this gift Mandy started to draw.

2 woodless graphite pencils in plastic sheaths...

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At first she drew on all of the sparkly paper, there was circles, and lines and things that looked just like perfect scribbles. She drew so much that she used all of the sparkly paper, the lined paper and the plain paper. And as she drew she got better and better, soon her circles and lines began to look like something real.

When Mandy had turned four, she received more pencils and markers and paper for she, the artist she was, was in need of more. Mandy also had started to make letters and could write her own name and small sentences. She would practise and practise. She eventually practised so much that there was paper everywhere and her Mom was starting to say things like, Mandy pick that paper up!

So Mandy would pick the paper up, but she would just draw on more and soon there was stacks everywhere. Mandy’s Mom liked a clean house and it was making her CRAZY!  So when Mandy’s paper supply started to get low, her Mom stopped buying extra paper. There stopped being papers and artwork laying everywhere around the house. So this made Mandy sad and her Mom happy.

But Mandy loved drawing and she loved writing. She loved it so much she started drawing inside her closet, she turned the closet into the most beautiful work of art, ever. It had mermaids and princesses and beautiful words written all over the closet. The house remained tidy because Mandy was not drawing on papers she was decorating her closet.

Eventually the closet was decorated everywhere and Mandy did not know what to do. But then she had an idea, she started drawing and writing on her bedroom walls. Her walls began sporting girls climbing mountains, and holding hands and flowers and beautiful butterflies. There were vines of words joining all of the beautiful art work together. Mandy was so happy!

When her Mom went into her room, she gasped the walls were covered and she was not happy. She said in a very stern voice, Mandy, this is not okay, these walls need painted!

Mandy’s Mom took out the white paint and brush and started covering the walls with the plainest, whitest color. The paint was being put on with hard angry strokes. As Mandy’s Mom painted she started looking at some of the words and artwork. She painted one wall and then another, then she stopped. She read some more words. She suddenly realized that Mandy was amazing and her artwork an expression of her heart,

She rushed  to the store and picked up art supplies and artists paint and new brushes for Mandy and gave them as a gift to her. You are a great artist, she told Mandy. and a wonderful daughter.

Mandy’s Mom took some beautiful paint and lovingly wrote on the wall, This room belongs to the artist “Mandy”

For on the bedroom wall in the corner,  it was these  words that had changed  everything, painted in pink was  “I love my family”